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$199 for ArCH Members for each Project Page.
(Not available to non-members).


If you, as an ArCH Member, would like to establish a page for a specific project that you would like to link to a QR code or URL, from the ArCH website, this order form can help you accomplish that.
For instance: if you are using the ArCHomesData Energy Values/ Data Page, and would like to create a QR code and/or URL to an ArCH website Project Page location, on which you place images, specifications, colors, concepts, magazine or other PDFs of publications related to a specific project that your ArCHomesData form (that is posted in the house) links to, then that is what this order form can help you accomplish.

Please see: ArCHomesData
to learn more about this database linkage from the adhesive-backed Energy Form that can be posted physically inside the homes your firm has built in the real world. People with SmartPhones and other scanning apparatus can simply scan the QR code (or URL) on the ArCHomesData form on the electrical panel/kitchen cabinet interior) on your projects, so that they will automatically link to the ArCH Member Project Page you establish for that home, including years into the future.

After your payment, ArCH will schedule the establishing of your Project Page. Once that’s done, ArCH will send you an email with a link to your Project Page. You are responsible for entering your project data on that page and for saving that data. The ArCH website is in WordPress. You are expected to have personnel familiar with this website software. ArCH will not be able to assist you in entering your project data. You agree to not enter more than one backlink to your company website on your individual Project Page(s).



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