Residential Architecture Standards of Care

PLEASE SEE EACH YEAR’S ArCH-RASoC for the full description of each edition’s standards.  See the menu of editions under the main Residential Architecture Standards of Care menu item (and below).

This page is the central listing of the SoC’s purpose.  See each year edition’s SoC for the specifics for each Standard.  Do NOT use this central standard explanation as your reference.  Rather, refer to the specific URL of a particular year’s SoC.  For instance, the ArCH-RASoC2014.  There may not be an updated standard every year.  Each new Standard may be left as-is for a number of years.  Or there may be updates within a single year.  In this event, the Standard will have a suffix that labels it”.1″, “.2” or other indication that the Standard is a later edition.

These SoC (Standards of Care) can possibly be used as a reference for various people, companies and organizations.  This could possibly be used to establish a particular level of Voluntary performance for architectural services on residential projects throughout the USA & world.  ArCH is Not indicating that this is necessarily appropriate for all projects or for any project.  This is the only National & Global Standard for Licensed Architects designing homes, to ArCH’s knowledge.  ArCH has created this standard, because, to their knowledge, ArCH is the only independent professional organization in the United States & the world, that represents the interests of licensed Architects practicing residential architecture and whose mission is to improve residential architecture.  In referring to this voluntary standard, it is suggested that you refer to this as the: “ArCH-RASoC: Residential Architecture Standards of Care,  (edition year you to which you are referring) edition, found online at (for instance):

EDITIONS OF THESE SoC: These SoC may be updated from time to time.  However, each updated version will have a new page, with the previous, earlier version left remaining, to serve as a guideline for anyone or any firm(s) or organizations referencing any particular year of this standard.  Each new version will have a new page and a new URL.  The intent will be to preserve the previous editions, so that any documents referring to them will continue to have that reference.

Present listing of the various year’s editions: