What You Get From ArCH Membership




1.  QUALITY ARCHITECTURE, FOCUSED ON RESIDENTIAL DESIGN.  ArCH is the only independent professional organization composed of licensed Architects who focus on the design of homes.




3.  CEU LIBRARY: ArCH provides a library of CEU provider course totaling over 1,000.  You can obtain your Continuing Education Units for free, using this resource on the ArCH website.


4.  INTERPERSONAL, CARING MEMBERS TO HELP YOU: ArCH provides an interpersonal concerned community of like-minded Architects practicing residential architecture to assist you with issues that you may have and provide the resources of a virtual firm of other principals to help you solve your concerns.


5.  TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE ArCH WAY:  ArCH stands for what is right and good in residential architecture today. 


6.  BIM IMPLEMENTATION:  ArCH firms are leading the path in BIM acquisition and implementation; ahead of the curve of the rest of the profession.  ArCH-SUG (SoftPlan Users Group) and ArCH-RUG (ArCH Revit Users Group) exchanges their findings and discoveries with each other regularly, including where and how to buy the best priced software and computers to handle it. 


7.  FOCUS GROUPS:  ArCH Focus Groups are among the cutting edge of what is important today in residential architecture.  Your participation in them puts you in the forefront of the profession: you and ArCH are making a difference in making change for the better.


8.  FIND AN ARCHITECT DATABASE MARKETING EXPOSURE:  ArCH Find An Architect database: You have the ability to list your firm on the ArCH Find An Architect page.  We are presently on page 3 of Google for that search term and moving UP.


9.  WE ARE ON PAGE 1 OF GOOGLE: the ArCH website is presently on Page 1 of Google ( #2 listed ) Globally for the search term: Architects Creating Homes because we own the URL, it is only a question of a few more weeks before we claim that #1 status. 


10.  OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE YOUR PROJECT FEATURED:  At this point in ArCH’s development, many of you have the possibility of having at least one of your designs featured in our Big Picture slide show at the top of the ArCH website, something we can’t promise to all future additional members.  Get that exposure!


11.  IMPROVE ARCHITECTURE AND OUR PRACTICE:  Be part of the only independent organization composed of 100% licensed Architects, working with you to improve our situation in America and to improve the practice of residential architecture.


12.  SAVE MORE CASH THAN YOUR DUES AMOUNT EVERY YEAR: The Architects in ArCH are constantly monitoring what is going on in the marketplace and comparing notes with fellow members.  For instance, check out ArCH’s Revit Resources page (which is on page 1 of Googel, by the way).  This is jam-packed with FREE traing and discounted deals on the software.  Recently, several ArCH members enjoyed huge discounts buying a Revit Suite, that saved them all much more than the low yearly ArCH dues.


13.  VALUE: ArCH dues was specifically created to give you an alternative to the higher dues cost of some other organizations.  ArCH remains less than 25% of some others, so that it would be more affordable and a better value.


Thank you all for your continued participation.