ArCH : Architects Creating Homes

ArCH Main Purpose & Mission Statement

ArCH is an American-based international organization of Licensed Architects focusing on residential architecture, professional excellence & achievement, client value & service.

The initial method to help accomplish this will be through the following means:

1.  Making the public aware that licensed architects exist that can & will design their homes.
2.  That there are good reasons why anyone might want to have an architect design their home, not the least of which is how Architects provide value in their designs.
3.  Creation of products for residential Architects’ use to help their practice.


ArCH  Goals

1.  Help licensed architects who design homes thrive.

 2.  To protect the Health, Safety & Welfare of the public, through better home design by licensed architects.

3.  Improve residential design quality.

4.  Promote licensed residential architects & their work to the Public

    1. As continuously as possible and throughout the USA & World
    2. Underscoring how quality residential architecture helps protect the Health, Safety & Welfare of the public.
    3. Point out the various reasons why architects improve residential design to make it a better value and more desirable.

 5.  Be the resource for the best information about residential materials, systems, details & techniques

A.  Online research
B.  Information from our membership
C. Sponsored or conducted as funding permits

6.  Improve the administrative practice of residential architecture

A. Procedures
B.  Techniques
C.  Contracts
D.  Other

 7.  Improve the technological aspects of residential architecture

A.  Computer software
B.  Other apparatus

 8.  Improve & facilitate the exchange of information between licensed residential architects

A.  We all learn from each other
B.  Skype video conferences
C.  E-mails between our members
D.  ArCH website blog(s)
E.  Social media pages
F.  ArCH YouTube channel
G.  Group Meetings in person
H.  ArCH website database of residential projects

 9.  Licensed Residential Architects help each other.

A.  We are all professional brothers & sisters

 10.  Assist global Green initiatives

A.  Creating awareness of best practices in home design
B.  Community planning best practices awareness
C.  Other

 11.  Create a sustainable revenue stream for ArCH to allow it to continue into the future.

A.  ArCH Store

i.  Creation & sales of ArCH products

1.  specifications (See ArCHspec)
2.  contracts (see ArCHstore)
3.  books
4.  various marketing products
.   a.  t-shirts
.   b.  key chains
.   c.  other misc. items
6.  ArCH project database registration and adhesive-backed information forms (ArCHomes Data) and commemorative plaques, linked to ArCH Database URLs (see ArCHomesData)

B.  New and renewing membership dues

C.  Visiting & touring presentation series by ArCH members to other firms and organizations.

D.  Co-development of software regarding our practice, that improves on these tools:

1.  3D/BIM/CAD
2.  other

 12.To solicit, encourage and where necessary, fight for the required architectural licensure for people designing homes throughout the United States & world.

A.  This effort may be somewhat muted as a matter of course, depending on funding and time constraints.
B.  Nonetheless, it is an important goal of ArCH.
C.  E-mails and letter-writing are certainly avenues, as is lobbying, funding and time permitting, by members that can devote resources to this effort.
D.  Promote that architects need to Create what they sign and seal.  No “plan stamping allowed.”
E.  If it needs a permit, it needs an architect.

13.  To help licensed residential architects who are members of ArCH

A.  With education

i.  From other members.
ii. From 3rd parties.
iii.From ArCH website instructional videos.
iv.From ArCH website instructional material downloads.

B.  Financially

i.  Through need-based stipends & low-interest loans.
ii. This may not be possible for some time, until substantial financial reserves are assembled.
iii.Financial counseling.
iv.Business education.

C.  Insurance

i.  We have a contact with a major insurance brokerage that can help us all obtain excellent rates for a variety of insurance coverages.