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If your projects don’t have these 3 distinct Contractor Lien Release forms working for your Client, your Client is exposed to the possibility of paying for everything twice.  These forms compel the General Contractor to provide a specialized Lien Release for each stage of the project.

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Can’t find the right Lien Release Forms for the current stage of construction for your projects?  And this results in the Contractor not providing any Lien Release at all along with their Pay Requests, or not the correct/properly coordinated form?

ArCHlienReleaseSuite™ takes care of that.  These one-page, simple Lien Release forms are part of the ArCH-OGCA™ (Owner General Contractor Agreement) and are fully coordinated with the language in that form.  These release forms are to accompany the GC’s Pay Requests (the ArCH4in1™ form).



Project INTERIM Construction Lien Release:

for: Main General Contractor & Related Subcontractors & Suppliers (by reference).
The GC uses this form from the 2nd pay request through the 2nd to the last pay request.
Color coded RED and numbered 1.

Project FINAL Subcontractor / Supplier Construction Lien Release:

for: SubContractor and/or Supplier.
GC is to require that all of his/her SubContractors and Suppliers provide this form when the GC pays them their last payment.  The GC keeps these on file, then provides all of them along with the GC’s Final Pay Request, as documentation that the GC has paid all of his providers.
Color coded YELLOW and numbered 2.

Project FINAL Construction Lien Release:
for: Main General Contractor & Related Subcontractors & Suppliers (by reference).
The GC uses this form for his/her FINAL UMBRELLA Lien Release, accompanying the Final Pay Request.
Color coded GREEN and numbered 3.


Note: all of these Lien Release come with the ArCH-OGCA™.  So: if you are going to purchase the ArCH-OGCA™, you won’t need to buy the ArCHlienReleaseSuite™.
Also: the ArCH-OGCA™ is part of ArCHsuite™, so you won’t need to buy either one of those forms separately if you are purchasing ArCHsuite™.  ArCHsuite™ is a more comprehensive bundled package of multiple forms that not only already includes all of the lien release forms in the ArCHlienReleaseSuite™, ArCHsuite™ has many more ArCHproducts included.  So: if you are purchasing ArCHsuite™, you won’t need to separately buy ArCHlienReleaseSuite™.

Note: You DO need to have your Client’s Attorney review these and edit them to insure that they comply with laws in the location of the project.  These are not legal documents until your Client’s Attorney approves them.



2 reviews for ArCHlienReleaseSuite

  1. rand

    ArCHlienReleaseSuite helps any Architect better manage the Contractor Pay Request process, by requiring that they provide a sworn form attesting that they have paid themselves, their suppliers and subcontractors, at every stage of construction: Interim, Final Subs and Final GC. You won’t want to certify any Pay Requests without these forms documenting payments.

  2. rand

    This is the custom-made lien release suite of forms made specifically to link with the ArCH OGCA (Owner General Contractor Agreement). No other agreement has such a direct linkage with lien releases.

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