ArCHsponsorships are available.  If you are in charge of marketing at a company that creates products, software and services for and related to Architects designing homes, residential architecture and residential construction, then a sponsorship is for you.

In seconds, you can buy a yearly sponsorship for your organization that will be exposed to the ArCHmembership, the public and others visiting the ArCHwebsite and participating in its programs (such as the yearly design awards program and more).  It’s as easy as clicking on the product Levels below, then clicking “Add to cart” on the various product sponsorship pages and paying with your company credit card.  Nothing complicated; just click and go. Simple.

Note: each higher level includes the features of the levels below it.  Higher levels have more exposure in more places for your company, in a variety of ways, including your corporate logo, descriptions of how your products assist Architects, homeowners, and improve residential architecture, educational CEU programs you might wish to offer through ArCH and more, depending on the level you select.

Get the exposure your company needs and wants today.  Immediate presence on the leading website/programs of the only primary professional organization that has Licensed Architects designing residential architecture as its exclusive membership globally: ArCH.

Check out the various levels of sponsorship participation (click on each level to see the detailed marketing exposure provided for your firm at each level in the list below):

LEVEL 1    $2,500.    Minimum/Starter.


LEVEL 2    $5,000.    Growth oriented.


LEVEL 3    $10,000.    Intermediate A.


LEVEL 4    $15,000.    Intermediate B.


LEVEL 5    $20,000.    Intermediate C.


LEVEL 6    $25,000.    Upper A.


LEVEL 7    $30,000.   Upper B.


LEVEL 8    $35,000.    Upper C.


LEVEL 9    $40,000.    Upper D.



After making your purchase of the sponsorship you wish, please send ArCH the CONTACT ArCH form, informing us what level you have just purchased.  Please include your complete contact information in the “Your Message” area of the form.  We will then verify your purchase, then have a representative contact you (usually within 24 hours) so that you can email us your company logo and we can then make arrangements to create other features on your behalf with regard to the ArCHwebsite and other items to comply with the published benefits of the Sponsorship Level you have purchased. We are here to help you obtain your marketing exposure swiftly.

Your logo will need to be a JPG and no more than 200k in size. The ArCHwebsite mainly has a white background in the places where your logo will be featured, so please make sure the background for your logo is white (around your logo), or otherwise designed and cropped so that it will provide the appearance you desire against a white background.  ArCH typically pre-crops its own logos tight to the logo so that a crisp zero-edge appearance results, which you might wish to consider for your own.


You and your company are hereby agreeing that any materials you send to ArCH for display on the ArCHwebsite and other locations is owned by your company and that you have complete copyright ownership and that you are allowing ArCH to display your logos and other materials on the ArCHwebsite and other locations as ArCH deems fit and as ArCH believes is in accordance with its published exposure for which you have paid for the Sponsorship Level you have chosen.  The main product agreement includes additional verbiage to this effect.  However, we want to make certain that you and your company understand that whatever you send to us for display on the ArCHwebsite and related locations you are protecting and indemnifying ArCH and its staff, consultants, officers and members from any issues whatsoever (in particular from any 3rd parties and your own company), in particular copyright and that you are giving your unqualified permission for ArCH to display whatever you send to us in the manner ArCH deems appropriate and consistent with the Sponsorship Level you have purchased.