This page represents the 2023 ArCHdes™
(Design Excellence Selection) awards.


This year (2023) there were entries from the SEUSA. Wouldn’t your firm look better if it was an Award-Winning company?  Each year, once a year, members of ArCH have the opportunity to become recognized for their good works.  You can’t win if you don’t enter. Remember: if you are a Licensed Architect practicing anywhere on the planet, you can join ArCH here:
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All of the ArCHdes winners represent a positive and substantial VALUE to the project Owners. In other words: the design of each Architect added Value to the project that would otherwise not exist.  One of the reasons for Architects to exist and to continue designing homes for their clients. No other entity provides this level of quality and value: an Architect.



Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Craig Isaac ArCH

Jury Comments:
“This is a large house.  The various spaces and rooms all have an excellent human residential scale for such a large residence and the organization is logical.  The Architect performed a miracle, making it all feel like home, with nice details like the dormers and pop-out gables.”
“This illustrates WHY people should hire an ArCH Licensed Architect to design their homes: common sense saved budget on this project and the simple organization will make it a joy to live in for the rest of their lives.”



Jury Comments:
“This is a complex renovation and addition.  It started as a modest existing one-story home, then the Architect renovated that and added at second floor.  Look at the image below.”


“It’s hard to believe the small existing home (lower left corner) was the genesis for the magnificent 2 story mansion.”

“This illustrates WHY people considering a renovation and addition would want to have a Licensed Architect managing and designing their project.  It illustrates how much improvement can be made resulting in a cohesive and much grander whole.”