ArCHceu is exactly what it sounds like: ArCH now offers CEUs (Continuing Education Units) (also called CEH (Continuing Education Hours)) for HSW (Health, Safety & Welfare.

Why: because some Architects have felt that not enough (if any) other CEU courses out there provide adequate subject matter information related to real world needs for residential architecture.

What: ArCH has stepped up to create a series of online CEU workshop sessions (which may or may not be converted into online informational courses with or without testing).

Credit: An ArCHmember Architect has investigated 17 states (so far) and NCARB requirements for credit for CEU courses.  These requirements have been distilled into the list below on this page.  ArCH believes that the content of the CEUs being offered meet these state & NCARB CEU requirements.  However, some states/organizations indicate they will not pre-approve course content from any specific source and will only rule on acceptability during an audit of CEU courses.  Therefore, ArCH cannot guarantee credit acceptabililty, nor can other providers until examined during an audit.  ArCH issues the summary below to all course participants, along with course notes to help states/organizations understand the in-depth information covered in a HSW context.  At the present time, ArCHmember investigations with the various credit requirements lead ArCH to believe that each session/course is worth 1 CEU/HSW/CEH.


ArCHceu course validation:
ArCH Guidelines for CE Workshops
ArCH CE Workshops shall focus on Topics of Study relevant to the professional practice of architecture – particularly as they relate to the practice of residential architecture:

  1. Study of codes including life safety codes, acts, laws, and regulations governing the practice of architecture.
  2. Environmental issues.
  3. Design proficiency.
  4. Study within planning, engineering, interior design, construction contracting and related disciplines.
  5. Legal aspects of contracts, documents, insurance, bonds, project administration, etc.
  6. Specialization (preservation, adaptive reuse, building types), etc.
  7. Construction documents and services.
  8. Materials and methods.
  9. Mechanical, plumbing, electrical and life safety.
  10. Structural technology.
  11. Energy efficiency.
  12. New technical/professional skills.
  13. Project administration.

ArCH CE Workshops shall contain elements that pertain to Health, Safety and Welfare Subjects (HSW).

Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) subjects are defined as technical and professional subjects related to the practice of architecture that the Board deems appropriate to safeguard the public. These subjects are necessary for the proper evaluation, design, construction, and utilization of buildings and the built environment and include the following broad categories and areas:

  1. Legal: Laws, Codes, Zoning, Regulations, Standards, Life Safety, Accessibility, Ethics, Insurance to protect Owners and Public.
  2. Building Systems: Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Communications, Fire Protection.
  3. Environmental: Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, Natural Resources, Natural Hazards, Hazardous Materials, Weatherproofing, Insulation.
  4. Occupant Comfort: Air Quality, Lighting, Acoustics, Ergonomics.
  5. Materials and Methods: Construction Systems, Products, Finishes, Furnishings, Equipment. Preservation: Historic, Reuse, Adaptation
  6. Pre-Design: Land Use Analysis, Programming, Site Selection, Site and Soils Analysis, Surveying.
  7. Design: Urban Planning, Master Planning, Building Design, Site Design, Interiors, Safety and Security Measures.
  8. Construction Documents: Drawings, Specifications, Delivery Methods.
  9. Construction Contract Administration: Contracts, Bidding, Contract Negotiations.


ArCHceu courses to date (the list is growing nearly every month):

Course #ArCH-06100-100: Residential WALL FRAMING, SHEATHING
Course #ArCH-03310-440: Residential FOOTINGS
Course #ArCH-07300: Residential ROOFING (exposed)
Course #ArCH-08500: Residential WINDOWS



How to take ArCHceu courses:
ArCH is currently investigating automated course testings and certificate award.  At present, ArCHceu is accomplished with a monthly online video conference with up to 12 members participating in each session.  At the present time, send an email to request participation to: 

Note: at present, the courses are interactive with video conferencing.  This means there is a course Licensed Architect Administrator presenting information and other Architects reacting to that information, with conclusions about the information being indicated in the course notes. This format may change in the future, as this puts limitations on the course availability, as the courses go through a logical cycle of one after the other.  At such time when the course format may change, that will be noted here.