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ArCH is: the international organization of Licensed Architects focused on residential architecture, professional excellence, member assistance, friendship & success, Client value and service.” That’s the published Mission Statement for ArCH. Everything ArCH does is centered around this intention.

ArCH states that they are the only independent American & global professional organization consisting entirely of licensed Architects who design residential architecture. This is important, as ArCH is made up of only those professionals who have the expertise, education, and State licensing across the United States and/or licensing in various other countries, that make them responsible for their actions, and hence more professional. The intention is that through this focus of licensed professionals, that ArCH is Improving Residential Architecture, which is their motto.

ArCH began in 2012 with a nucleus of 3 members of the AIA (American Institute of Architects). Some members of ArCH maintain their membership in several organizations. ArCH doesn’t view membership as an either/or participation. Rather, they encourage members to belong to “what feeds you and your company: intellectually, artistically and financially.”

ArCH membership now spans the USA: from California through North Carolina and from Chicago down through Fort Lauderdale. They are continuing to grow.  The organization went global several years ago, and this aspect is expected to balloon over time. There are now members in different countries.
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ArCH is a growing organization appreciated by both the public at large who is planning on having a home designed for them, as well as licensed Architects who design homes, anywhere in America & the world.

ArCH is the world’s only independent professional organization consisting exclusively of Licensed Architects that certifies residential Architects.  Specifically, ArCH has a program: CRAfts (Certified Residential Architect focus team system), that identifies those Architects whom have distinguished themselves by certain methods, in the practice of residential architecture.  See CRAfts™. This helps the public understand which Architects appear to have more accomplishments in residential architecture.

ArCH is also in the process of becoming the authority for approving CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for Architects designing residential projects throughout America, having recently obtained this designation from the Board of Architecture in North Carolina, with the other 49 states on their agenda.

ArCH also has invented many electronic products, such as forms of agreement and similar items on their e-Store (ArCHstore), on their website. They are all specifically tailored toward residential architectural practice. They have cited the reason for this as these items not being available from any other source, as other organizations have catered more to larger commercial architectural needs.

ArCH indicates that the design of residential projects is one of the most complex project types on Earth, as declared by numerous State purchasing agencies and other information sources, and therefore needs to have more attention devoted to the architecture of homes. “After all,” ArCH sources state, everyone on the planet lives in one type of home or another. It’s about time that a professional organization focused the attention of licensed Architects on those special requirements and make them better than they have been in the past.”