ArCH Blog Registering Process & Log-In Instructions

For those of you who have not registered, here is the quick version of what to do:

ArCH has just implemented its new automated MMS (Membership Management Software).  It is intended that the Username and Password that you use during your initial membership form process will become your one username and password for the ArCHwebsite (with the exception of coupon codes for buying products).  Therefore, you may find yourself already automatically registered to use the ArCHblog as a Contributor and NOT have to go through the process previously indicated below.  In other words, when you come on the ArCHwebsite and you want to make a post on the ArCHblog, simply try to log-on, using your username and password you used to first become a member when you filled out your membership application online.  More than likely, that will get you in swiftly (without having to re-register per the old instructions below). 


1. Go to

2.1  Go to MEMBER LINKS on the main menu and simply hover your mouse there.
2.2  You will see a dropdown menu.
2.3  The 3rd item down is BLOG. Move your mouse there, but just hover.
2.4   You will see a new sub-dropdown menu to the right.
2.5   You will see all sorts of registration instructions there.
2.6    Find the topic for what you’re trying to do and follow those
2.7   If you’re trying to simply register, just get on the BLOG page first, then see below:

3. If you’re on the BLOG: Scroll down and on the left side of the page you will see: ‘Sign up to become a Contributor’ Click on ‘Register’

4. Enter a username and your email and you will get a password from WordPress.

5. Go back and Log in and enter the password (you can change it when you fill out your profile)

That’s the quick registration process.

Behind the scenes, a human being is being notified by the website that you just registered.  This human, called “Admin” must now change your Subscriber status to “Contributor” status.  Anyone can become a Subscriber.  Any Subscriber can comment on anyone else’s posts to the Blog.  That’s it.

As a full ArCH member, you have an upgraded status, called Contributor.  The Admin must recognize that you are a full ArCH member, then upgrade your status to Contributor.  A Contributor can create a new topic post and post that on the ArCH Blog.  Only full members can do this.

Also: as a full ArCH member, a human behind the scenes of our website must now create your Firm Page on the website and then list your firm name on the Find An Architect page, so that people looking at our website can find your company.  When this is done, then the ArCH Admin must adjust your Firm Page allowed author to be the Username you entered when you registered.    Then you will be good to go: and able to enter text and media files onto your Firm Page.  This process may take anywhere from an hour to several days, depending on where Admin is located when you register.

Once you’re registered you can post info on the blog or reply to any posts.  Please let Lori Schneider, Architect, (an ArCH member) know if you have any problems and  she’ll try to help.  She has been through the process successfully:

Lori Schneider, Studio Blue Design and ArCH Member