Licensure of ArCHmembers

Disclaimer/explanation regarding licensing of ArCHmembers:

While ArCH endeavors to check the licenses of new, incoming members, it has no control over what may happen to such ArCHmember licenses to practice architecture after that point.


Various AHJ (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) can and do often suspend licenses, revoke licenses or otherwise compromise the official licensure of professionals practicing any profession.  Beyond the initial verification at a particular date of application, ArCH cannot and does not certify the licensure of anyone; that task is reserved solely for the licensing jurisdictions, wherever they may be located.  ArCH is not informed by such jurisdictional authorities that such licensing has been removed by people using the “ArCH” acronym after their names.


ArCH cannot and will not be held responsible for someone using the ArCH acronym after their names if and when their license is no longer active.  This is beyond ArCH’s control.  ArCH’s Code of Conduct requires those members whose licenses to practice architecture are no longer in effect, to remove the “ArCH” after their names.  All ArCHmembers are required upon gaining membership, under the ArCH terms of membership, to comply with this Code of Conduct, however, ArCH has no policing ability to enforce such a demand; that is up to each member to fulfill and each member is personally responsible for such actions.


Not only does licensure potentially end each year if not renewed properly, disciplinary actions can also cause interim suspensions, limitations on particular practices, or termination.

The buying public should always personally verify the current licensing of each professional they hire with the licensing authority in their nation, state and other licensing authority as it applies to them, and not merely rely on any acronyms they happen to see after their names.