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ArCH-SurveyReq™ is the form an Architect uses to obtain a price quote from Land Surveyors for the Architect’s Client.  This form lists the various features you will likely need for many land conditions, especially tailored for residential architecture.  You will need to add anything that you , as your Client’s Architect, feel you need to add to properly manage the Survey for each project.  However, you may find that the ArCH-SurveyReq™ handles most projects, even those on remote hundred-plus acre parcels.



This is the webpage for the SurveyReq™ (Survey Requirements) form.

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Are you ready to help your Client obtain a Survey for a new project?  Not until you have ArCH-SurveyReq™.  SurveyReq™ includes a detailed list of Land Surveyor requirements all of which are almost impossible to remember without a form like this.  Specially tailored to residential situations, like septic fields and wells and other features.  Handle your business and coordination professionally, using forms like this from ArCH.  Don’t forget the important items, only to require Surveyors to return at increased cost.  Communicated thoroughly the first time.  Use SurveyReq™.


Note: the actual form is several pages long.  This is only page 1.

Ever have a Surveyor provide you with a survey in some software NOT compatible with yours?  How about a Surveyor giving you 2 or 3 separate files, with the topo contours separate from the boundary?  Or without legal easement shown?  Or bodies of water?  Or roads?  Or if you’re like many Architects who prefer to do all their work in Modelspace, not having the Surveyor’s title and border and notes on the file he provides you?  Sound trivial?  It’s not.  Not having the survey prepared to coordinate with your firm’s software and methods can be a big headache.  And that can lead to uncomfortable arguments with the Surveyor.  Don’t let that happen anymore to you!  Buy ArCHsurveyReq.  That will insure that the Surveyor understands what they are going to have to do to meet your firm’s needs BEFORE they start.


















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  1. rand

    I’m an Architect of custom homes. I’ve been using versions of ArCH’s SurveyReq for years. This latest edition is outstanding and simple. It helps me make sure that I don’t forget anything that’s critical to my Client obtaining a proper survey with everything necessary for me and my company to do our job. All I have to do is type my client’s information, mine, the Surveyor’s contact information, then simply type an “X” next to those features the project requires. Simple. And if the project has something custom that needs to be added, that’s easy to do.

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