This page represents the 2021 ArCHdes™
(Design Excellence Selection) awards.

This year (2021) there were entries from the SEUSA & the world. Wouldn’t your firm look better if it was an Award-Winning company?  Each year, once a year, members of ArCH have the opportunity to become recognized for their good works.  You can’t win if you don’t enter. Remember: if you are a Licensed Architect practicing anywhere on the planet, you can join ArCH here:
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All of the ArCHdes winners represent a positive and substantial VALUE to the project Owners. In other words: the design of each Architect added Value to the project that would otherwise not exist.  One of the reasons for Architects to exist and to continue designing homes for their clients. No other entity provides this level of quality and value: an Architect.



Queensland, Australia
Dion Seminara, ArCH, CRAfts (Certified Residential Architect)

Jury Comments:
“One would think with such a limited program that not much could be done.  However, despite the entire top level being required by the Owners to remain as-is, the Architect managed to not only make a magic act out of the main floor level interior and exterior new features, but also to enhance the curb appeal of the home with just a few deft strokes of imagination and wise experience, making it appear to be a much improved new house, which we’re sure, is welcome to the urban community.”
“This illustrates WHY anyone contemplating a renovation would want to have a Licensed Architect designing their project.  It shows how much improvement can be made with just a few expert brush strokes.”






Summerville, SC, USA
Rachel Burton, ArCH, CRAfts (Certified Residential Architect)

Jury Comments:
“Exquisitely composed island house using the local vernacular.  Every square inch designed in accordance with the overall concepts.”
“Nice transitional octagonal corner tower from which the owners should be able to see both the historic light house and the possibly the ocean.”
“Louvers on the ground level give substance to breakaway features in an architectural context.”
“Expert planning located a swimming pool on an elevated level to use above the flood height.”