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ArCHsuite™ (<–Click here) :The bundled dream package of ArCHproducts: includes:
1.  ArCHspec™ : Architectural Specifications.
2.  ArCH-OGCA™ : Owner General Contractor Agreement.
2.a ArCHlienReleaseSuite™ included in above item.
3.  ArCH-AOA™ : Architect-Owner Agreement.
4.  ArCH-4in1™ : Bid form, Value Engineering form, Schedule of Values, Pay Request form).
5.  ArCH-CA-SV™ : Construction Administration Site Visit form.
6.  ArCHourZ™: Professional Services Hour Estimation spreadsheet.
7.  ArCHinvoice™
8.  ArCH-SurveyReq™
9.  ArCH-GeoReq™
11.ArCH ProjAccount™
12.  Other items to be added in the future.








ArCHlienReleaseSuite™ (<–Click here):
The bundled package of Lien Releases (intended to accompany Contractor Pay Requests at every stage of construction). This package is already part of the ArCH-OGCA™ which is already included in ArCHsuite™ (above).
So if you’re buying either of those products you will not need to purchase ArCHlienReleaseSuite separately.








ArCH-AOA™ Architect-Owner Agreements (<– Click here)
The best residential Architect-Owner Agreement on the planet.
Click above to find out more and to download yours now).






ArCH-OGCA™ (Owner-General Contractor Agreement) (<–Click here)

Click above to see in the ArCHstore product page, discover more and download your copy.






4 in 1™: Bid Form, Value Engineering, Schedule of Values, Pay Request (<-Click)

Click above to see the product page, read about it and order yours.  Part of the integrated suite of forms that interlinks the ArCHspec™ and agreements to the above forms.  Greatly simplifies and coordinates project management functions.





CA-SV™ : Construction Administration Site Visit <–(click here) report form.

Click above to see the product page, read about it and order yours.  Part of the integrated suite of forms coordinated with ArCHspec™ and other forms.
Professionally organizes your site visits for your projects under construction.






Click above to see the project page, read about it and order yours.  Part of the integrated suite of forms coordinated with other forms and applications.
Professionally helps you declare Substantial Completion on your projects nearing construction completion.






Click above to see the project page, read about it and order yours.  Part of the integrated suite of forms coordinated with other forms and applications.
Professionally helps you declare Final Completion on your projects at the end of  construction.






ArCHourZ™: Professional Services Hour Estimation spreadsheet <–(click here).
Click above to see the product page, read about it and order yours.  Part of the integrated suite of forms coordinated with ArCHspec™ and other forms. Allows you to swiftly and comprehensively estimate your projected hours for your projects.


—  Structural Engineering Requirements (in progress: not yet available)

—  Other Engineering Type Requirements (in progress: not yet available)

—  Residential Architecture Practice Management Procedures and Sequences (in progress: not yet available)







ArCHinvoice™ (<–Click here)

ArCHinvoice™ calculates your invoices after you enter basic data and has features to help you get paid more promptly.  This is a spreadsheet template that automates much of your invoice calculation and makes it obvious how much your firm is charging and when the invoice is due (things that not many other invoice formats appear to do very well).  Also: ArCHinvoice™ comes with ArCH ProjAccount™ (see elsewhere in the ArCHstore for ProjAccount™), which is a more robust application, using ArCHinvoice™ as one of its components.






ArCH-SurveyReq™  (<–Click here)

ArCH-SurveyReq™ manages your Land Survey acquisition in one comprehensive form, tailor-made for residential architecture surveys.






ArCH-GeoReq™ (<–Click here)

ArCH-GeoReq™ helps you manage your Geotechnical Engineering acquisition in one comprehensive form, specifically created for residential Architects.




ArCHchart™   (<–Click here)

ArCHchart™ provides you with a quick and easy project progress chart that you can provide to your Clients, that informs them what you’ve accomplished so far, where you’re at now, what’s next, and what remains ahead.  A simple means to explain the architectural project process to your Clients. A happy Client in an informed Client.  Manage expectations.  Help them understand where they fit into the project process.





ArCH ProjAccount™

Contains 39 preformatted spreadsheet invoices, professionally formatted, that also link to a Master Invoice List, automatically.  Makes invoicing a breeze, with the added benefit of having all of a project’s invoices summarized on a index list, totaling what you’ve invoiced and been paid for a project.  Can’t operate without it, once you’ve starting using it.
Note: ProjAccount™ also incorporates ArCHinvoice™, the ArCH semi-automated invoicing format template. So: if you are already using ArCHinvoice™, you already know most of how to use ProjAccount™.
Tired of complicated database accounting programs?
This isn’t that.  As a matter of fact, ProjAccount™ has at its center, the Master Invoice List, which is 99% automated, automatically reporting what each of the linked invoices tell it for each invoice amount, due date and summary of the invoice work.
In other words, after you make a new invoice, the Master List already has the information from that so you can simply click on the Master List and see how all of your invoices for a particular project total for various categories, such as Professional Fees earned and Reimbursables.
Note: ProjAccount™ is Not intended to be a comprehensive whole-firm database accounting system.  ProjAccount™ is a multi-sheet single file spreadsheet application focused on invoicing for a given project and totaling those invoices so that  you can understand where you are at on a given project for billing and how that compares with your overall estimated possible fee.  Project Accounting (not whole-firm accounting, which you should handle with other applications).
This application “thinks” the way Architects do.


SPECIFICATIONS for Residential Projects: ArCHspec ™




ArCHspec™ (<– Click here)

Division 0 through 17, geared to a simpler, compact, direct specification method, customizable by each user.  Over 3 decades in the making.



architects marketing services



ArCH ArMS™ (Architects Marketing Services) <–click here
Now available!
This is the tried and true marketing system from ArCH, containing methods ArCHmembers have discovered that work, over lifetimes of practice, trial and error, on the part of licensed Architects designing homes.




Marketing Architectural Services Successfully (MASS)  <–click here
This is FREE!
This is a webpage listing of various techniques, made available to all ArCHmembers.
You will need to have the ArCHmember password to enter this password protected page.


ArCHdes entry fee


ArCHdes (Design Excellence Selection) Yearly Awards Program Entry Fee





Home Inspection Reports Software


Detailed 3-dimensional spreadsheet (11 main modules with other related sheets) that allow for comprehensive and professional home inspections by licensed Home Inspectors.






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ArCH Home Database Linked to Forms & Plaques in Home Projects




ArCHomeData ™ © Copyright 2012, ArCH : Architects Creating Homes, LLC. Energy form now available here:

—  ArCH Home Database Forms & Linked Database Record Management (<–click here)

(note: ArCH has, for now, made the above form a gift to all residential Architects everywhere.  No charge usage.  Enjoy taking charge of declaring the Energy Values on your projects, and to linking your projects to a QR code project database page.  Contact ArCH about creating your project database (there is a charge for that)).

ArCH Member Project Page(s) (<–click here) This allows you to order the establishment of a Project Page for each of your projects on the ArCH website, which can be linked by a QR code to the ArCHomesData form that is posted inside your built projects for reference by the home’s future buyers, Contractors, or others interested in the database that you can establish for your projects online.  This is an exciting opportunity for you, as the Architect, to link your homes to your Project Page(s) on the ArCH website.

— ArCH Home Plaques linked to ArCH computer database records (in progress: not yet available)

BOOKS (both hard copy and e-books):

See:  ArCHbookstore

—  Specifications for Residential Architecture

—  Managing the Design & Construction of Your New Home (in progress: not yet available) —  Books by ArCH members (in progress: not yet available)

—  Books about famous residential architects (resell) (in progress: not yet available)


—  T-shirts (in progress: not yet available)

—  Key Chains (in progress: not yet available)

— Tie tack, Lapel pin (in progress, not yet available)

—  Long Sleeve shirts with embroidered ArCH logo (in progress: not yet available)

—  Polo shirts with embroidered ArCH logo (in progress: not yet available)

—  Baseball caps with ArCH logo (in progress: not yet available)

— Soft-sided briefcase with ArCH logo (in progress: not yet available).

—  Others (in progress: not yet available)