Certified Residential Architect Listing

This ArCHwebpage lists the only CERTIFIED RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTS in the world.  They are as follows:


CRAfts #

Rand Soellner, ArCH, CRAfts, NCARB
Senior Staff Architect of HOME ARCHITECTS.

Date of Certification:

Means of CRAfts Certification:
Earning 10 ArCHdes awards: 2016 (1), 2017 (4), 2018 (5).

States of Licensure as of CRAfts initial Certification:
NC, FL, TN, SC, WA(state).

Mr. Soellner has the distinction of being the World’s first Certified Residential Architect.

Rand Soellner

World’s first Certified Residential Architect: Rand Soellner, ArCH, CRAfts, NCARB










“I’ve always enjoyed designing homes.  The first building type I ever designed was a home, back in high school.  Ever since then, each and every house I’ve created has been a labor of love, designed to impart that joy to the owners who live in it, incorporating their needs, wants and dreams, integrated with their particular land.”


CRAfts #

Will this be you?

Enter the ArCHdes awards program each year and earn 10 awards.  Then you will qualify for your CRAfts, if you are a licensed Architect anywhere in the world.