Membership Payment

Note: when you pay with PayPal, you are certifying that you are a licensed Architect (anywhere in the World). You are pre-paying for your membership, before ArCH checks your license. If you pay now and are Not licensed and ArCH finds that you are not licensed, when researching your credentials, you will not receive a refund later, as payment for administrative actions. Sometimes people allow licenses to lapse unknowingly. Please make sure that you verify that you are a licensed Architect in at least one state in the USA (or at least one country on Earth) before paying by this method.  And please follow the membership form that requests a URL for your BOA (Board of Architecture) record link AND a screen capture JPG of your BOA record from your monitor.  Thank you.

The dues payment is $159.

Please make sure that you do email the ArCH membership application form, after you prepay for your membership. You will not receive your ArCH Membership Certificate until a person within ArCH has reviewed your application and approved it.

THANK YOU! And welcome to ArCH.

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