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The CRAfts™ designation is the only certification of its kind in the world: CERTIFIED RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECT™.  To become worthy of the CRAfts™ designation, you must be a Licensed Architect, anywhere in the world.  You must also be a member of ArCH.  And, you must have earned at least 10 ArCHdes™ design awards through ArCH’s yearly design excellence selection program.  Earning your CRAfts™ designation allows you to use the CRAfts™ acronym after your name and also the full term: Certified Residential Architect™.  Nowhere else on Earth is this designation possible.  Earn your CRAfts™ designation.  Apply today (after you have complied with all requirements).  Become one of the few Certified Residential Architects in the world.  This will set you apart with professional distinction, offering something very few other Architects on the planet can offer: the focused skills of a multiple award-winning Architect of custom homes, recognized by their peers as among the best of the best in the world.


This is the product page for the CRAfts™ certification.

This product page is where you apply for your CRAfts certification.  All CRAfts™ application fees are non-refundable.  Be certain you qualify before applying.

At the present time, there is only one method of CRAfts™ certification:
You must be a Licensed Architect (either in the USA or anywhere in the world, through a recognized Board of Architecture), and you must have been awarded at least 10 ArCHdes™ design awards for outstanding design of custom single family houses.  You must also be a member of ArCH.  To maintain your CRAfts™ certification publicly, you will need to pay a modest administrative renewal fee each year.

The renewal fee each year is presently $75/year.  ArCH will have a separate product page for this renewal charge, which you must renew each year.  You Renew each year here: CRAfts™ Renewal

If you apply for your ArCH CRAfts™ and aren’t accepted, you may reapply each year, 12 months later, for a charge of $175.  ArCH believes this will be very unusual.  However, ArCH will establish a reapplication page for this reapplication should it become necessary.


When you pay for your CRAfts™ application, you will receive a PDF of the CRAfts™ logo.  Assuming you are accepted and approved as a Certified Residential Architect™ (you will receive an email), you will then be informed that you may use that logo in association with your name and your website (association with your name as the Architect earning that designation).  You may NOT use the CRAfts™ logo until you receive the approval notice from ArCH.  When you apply, you are agreeing to this process.


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