Book-Specifications for Residential Architecture

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This book discusses in 45 pages, the history of architectural construction specifications, from about 4,000 years ago through today and how an ArCHproduct is evolving specifications that are tailored expressly for residential projects from now into the future.  The number of new homes being permitted each year is reviewed, along with estimates of how many of those are designed by Architects and why Architects need to be providing specifications in their residential projects.  See how this can add value to your practice.


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Have you felt that something was wrong when you turn out your residential projects?  For instance: where are the specifications?  And why?  Because you know, deep down, that you really should be producing specifications for ALL of your architectural projects.  Read this quick-read online e-book to understand why.  You’ll come away wondering why you haven’t been doing this before.  Read WHY all Architects need to be providing specifications for their residential projects.


But wait!  There’s more!  ArCH wouldn’t make you feel like something less than you should, then turn their backs on you.  Oh no.  ArCH has the solution: ArCHspec™.  Read about some of the highlights of this compelling architectural application in this book and why you need to implement it NOW.



1 review for Book-Specifications for Residential Architecture

  1. rand (verified owner)

    This e-book is a fascinating read about the history of specifications from the Babylonians through today, along with many compelling reasons why Architects today need to be providing specifications for their residential projects. An ArCHproduct, ArCHspec is discussed in some detail, which can help residential Architects to implement specifications for homes in their everyday practice.

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