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$159.00 / year

This is for your  membership in ArCH, both for your original membership and renewing your membership each year.  This covers you yearly.

Click the SIGN UP NOW button below to make your payment. Prefer not to pay with PayPal? Click Here. Thank you and Welcome to ArCH!

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To become an ArCHmember, you must first pay using the SIGN UP NOW button above.


Once you have paid, you will then be able to fill out the ArCHmembership application, which you NEED TO CLICK IN THE CHECKOUT PROCESS IMMEDIATELY AFTER PAYING FOR MEMBERSHIP.  There is a colored, bold note in the checkout notes that you need to click, in order for you to see and fill out the application and for your application to be properly filed by the membership management database software.

If for some reason, you miss that  link in the checkout process (the preferred, easy method to the proper sequence), you can also find the application here:
ArCHmembership application.

So: please pay first, then immediately fill out the application and send that, following the instructions on the forms.  Thank you!

As of 6/7/2016, ArCHmembership has become a subscription, which means THIS PAGE IS ALSO WHERE YOU RENEW your membership, each year.  You will receive automated emails from ArCH reminding you when your membership is going to lapse within 30 days, then 1 day after lapsing, then a couple of more times, to help you remember to renew.  There are many good reasons to become and remain an ArCHmember here:
Reasons to join and remain in ArCH

NOTICE: YOU MUST BE A LICENSED ARCHITECT SOMEWHERE IN THE WORLD IN ORDER TO BECOME A MEMBER OF ArCH.  If you are Not a licensed Architect and if you cannot prove that you are a licensed Architect, then do Not pay for your membership.
Why: you will not be granted membership and your payment will be forfeit as an administrative charge, and there will be no refund.
You must include, on your membership application (a link to which will appear on a pop-screen after you pay for your membership), a URL link to the website page on the licensing authority’s website of the main license you wish to use to certify your licensure as an Architect.  You must also include a JPG image of your license record as a screen capture on that licensing authority’s website.  You must also type in your license number and Country/State/Province where the number can be checked as yours, as a registered Architect.  If you cannot do these things, then do not pay for your membership, as you will not be granted membership.  Only you know if you are really a licensed Architect.  If you are, and can prove it, then PLEASE DO APPLY.  If you are some other form of designer, engineer, teacher or other sort of individual, but are really not a Licensed Architect, please do Not apply and do Not pay for membership.  Thank you.

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