ArCHdes 2016 Award Winners

This page represents the 2016 ArCHdes™
(Design Excellence Selection) awards.

ArCHdes design award








These firms won coveted ArCHdes™ awards in the 2016 season
(apologies: not room enough to provide image of all projects):


ACM Design architecture & interiors., Asheville, NC, USA
(award winning project)ArCHdes 2016

Craig Isaac Architecture
, Charlotte, NC, USA
(award winning project)

DS Architecture, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
(4 award winning projects)ArCHdes 2016

Jennifer Garcia Architecture Studio, LLC
, Tampa, FL, USA
(award winning project)

Jorge Arcay, ArCH, Architect, Arlington, VA
(Space Use Project Award)

Kurt Krueger Architects, Los Angeles, CA, USA
(4 award winning projects)ArCH architects creating homes

Home Architects
, Cashiers, NC, USA (award winning project)ArCHdes 2016

CMB (Colorado Master Builders & Architects)
, Denver, CO, USA
(award winning project)ArCH architects creating homes

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2016 award-winning companies!  You have all earned the right to be proud of your hard-earned and justly deserved awards, in recognition of your outstanding architectural design work.

ArCH looks forward to even more submissions next year, from all of this year’s winners and many new ones.  See?  You can’t win if you don’t enter!  So please make sure that you enter in the 2017 season for the next ArCHdes™.


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