Reasons for ArCH

ArCH : The Rationale of Why it exists and came into being:


ArCH was created to allow a like-minded group of Licensed Architects to jointly Improve Residential Architecture.

Improving Residential Architecture means:
1.  Improving the design of homes.
2.  Improving the technical aspects of homes.
3.  Improving the lives of those Licensed Architects who practice the profession.
4.  Improving the quality of built homes.
5.  Improving the administrative & technical aspects of the practice Residential Architecture.
6.  Increasing the value of Architect designed homes.
7.  Improving the livelihood of Licensed Architects designing homes.
8.  Improving the positive visibility of Architects who design homes to the public.
ArCH exists to better promote the interests of licensed residential architects along with higher quality residential design. No other independent professional entity on Earth is solely focused on this mission.

reasons for ArCH


Method of Funding

ArCH began as 3 Licensed Architects in 2012 who felt that there was a better way to improving the profession of Residential Architecture.  Now, ArCH has grown considerably, spanning the United States from east to west and north to south, and across vast oceans onto other continents globally, as more Licensed Architects who design homes are made aware of ArCH.  Funds are from yearly members dues, sales of ArCHstore products, donations, advertising and other sources.  Being global, ArCH is now a possibility to over a million licensed Architects worldwide.


ArCH is It

Starting ArCH is, by default, a logical course of action and an act of self-preservation, if one happens to be a Licensed Architect who mainly designs homes.  It is focused on promoting what these professionals do for the public, while improving the quality of residential design.  There is no other independent American or global professional organization that represents the interests of Licensed Architects who design homes, along with their mission to improve residential design quality for the public.



There is no other independent organization that solely does what ArCH is doing: to champion licensed Architects who design homes and to improve the practice and quality of residential architecture from the platform of a free & independent organization.  All of ArCH’s revenue supports the mission and goals of Residential Architects and their practices.  Some organizations are part of a larger, parent organization, challenged in their efforts to obtain meaningful funding to attempt to accomplish goals.  Still other entities have unlicensed people included and being suggested to design homes (and some commercial buildings), which is in conflict with what Licensed Architects stand for and do.  And some other entities primarily represent the designs & aspirations of commercial Architects and have been reported to possibly regard residential Architecture as something not on an even level with their efforts.  Rather than continue to try to deal with these questionable influences, which can be at odds with Licensed Residential Architects’ goals, ArCH has determined that it would prefer to have a clean, clear path to achieving its mission, with like-minded Licensed Residential Architects speaking with one voice, with no obstacles in their path.


ArCH : Architects Creating Homes.  That is what the organization stands for and what they do.  The only one of its kind on Earth.