ArCHdes Design Excellence Selection awards program

ArCHdes™ Design Excellence Selection awards program is a yearly residential architecture recognition program for ArCHmembers and their projects.

To enter, see the ArCHdes™ Entry Fee product page here: ArCHdes Entry Fee.

Fees  and other terms may change, from year to year, so please refer to the above ArCHwebsite page for this one location of consolidated pricing and other information and also for a download of the current ArCHdes™ program notification, which contains all of the relevant data about this program.


May be viewed here:
(this is not intended for general viewing or for each entrant’s information, but rather for each year’s judges to understand the procedures involved in the judging.  However, if each entrant is interested, they may certainly view this judging procedure page if they wish.)


Previous ArCHdes™ award winners:
2018 ArCHdes™ Awards
2017 ArCHdes™ Awards
2016 ArCHdes™ Awards



The ArCHdes™ program is a special event for ArCHmembers: this is when those members, who entered the program, have a chance to win an ArCHdes™ design award, recognizing their outstanding design skills, suitable for inserting on their websites, to let the whole world know that they are an award winning Architect.  Let the world know that you are an Architect that wins design awards!  Enter each year at the date indicated on the ArCHdes Entry Fee page.


If you’re like many Architects who design homes, we know what you’re thinking: “I don’t have any Clients that let me design their houses to look like white, flat-roofed shoeboxes, so I won’t win any awards…”  Well, that may be true with some other organizations, but not ArCH.  Awards are given based on design merit, not on particular adherence to any “style.”  Good design is good design, regardless of the style employed.  And yes: ArCH awards will be made for homes that actually look like homes, in addition to appreciation for more contemporary solutions.  That needed to be said, as there is that undercurrent that has turned away many Architects (in other organizations) from entering design award programs for houses in the past.  No more!  Enter your best work in the ArCHdes™ and see what happens!  If you think it’s good, chances are, so will the ArCHdes™ committee.


The ArCHdes™ entry fees have been established as a value price to encourage all Architects to enter, not just larger firms.  See the ArCHdes™ Design Award Entry Fee page for this year’s pricing. You won’t be disappointed.


VALUE: entry fees have purposely been set by ArCH to be a mere fraction of other major design award programs by other architectural societies.  Why: because ArCH is and always will be about providing good value to their members to help them shine.


100% electronic.  See the ArCHdes™ Design Award Entry Fee product page for more information.  This is the world’s first global independent architectural society awards program that is entirely Internet based.  Green.  Simple.  Smart.


LINKAGE TO THE CRAfts™ (Certified Residential Architect focus team system)
The ArCHdes™ program is one of the pathways a Licensed Architect whom is a member of ArCH in good standing can take to become a Certified Residential Architect (SM).  This is the only residential Architect certification on the planet.  It is only available through ArCH.  And you can become eligible for certification when you have earned at least 10 ArCHdes™ awards for outstanding homes you have designed. In order to provide a logical, modular administration of this linkage between the ArCHdes™ and the CRAfts(SM) programs, Licensed Architects whom are members of ArCH may now submit up to 5 project entries a year.  This means that, assuming all entries win an ArCHdes™ award, the Architect could be eligible to apply for CRAfts(SM) certification within 2 years.


PUBLIC EXPOSURE & ADVERTISING: Those projects of yours that receive awards will not only be announced on the ArCHdes™ website page for the year of that award (which is to remain on the ArCHwebsite for as long as the ArCHwebsite exists), a link to the year’s winners will also be promoted on social media of ArCH’s choosing.  To date, the ArCHFacebook post linking to the ArCHwebsite year’s award winners is “boosted”, to around 10,000+/- people having similar interests, which amounts to advertising your firm’s winning entry at no additional cost to you.


2018 ArCHdes™ Focus Group members:
Rachel Burton, ArCH, AIA, Swallowtail Architecture, Summerville, SC
Amy Conner-Murphy, ArCH, AIA, ACM Design, Asheville, NC
Rand Soellner, ArCH, NCARB, LHI, Home Architects, Cashiers, NC

2017 ArCHdes™ Focus Group members:
Amy Conner-Murphy, ArCH, AIA, ACM Design, Asheville, NC
James Spencer, ArCH, AIA, LeedAP, JE Spencer Design, Alexandria, VA
Rand Soellner, ArCH, NCARB, LHI, Home Architects, Cashiers, NC

2016 ArCHdes™ Focus Group members:
Don Duffy, ArCH, AIA, Don Duffy Architecture, Charlotte, NC
Bennett Sabatier, ArCH, CSI, Sabatier Architecture, Lafayette, LA
Rodney Kazneske, ArCH, CMB Architects & Contractors, Inc., Denver, CO
Rand Soellner, ArCH, NCARB, LHI, Home Architects, Cashiers, NC

2015 ArCHdes™ Advisory Members:
Ken Parel-Sewell, ArCH, AIA, One World Architecture, San Diego, CA
Edward Shannon, ArCH, Edward Shannon Architect, Des Moines, IA




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