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ArCHourZ™ is the partner spreadsheet to the ArCH-AOA™ (Architect-Owner Agreement).  ArCHourZ™ helps you, as an Architect, estimate your hours involved with your projects, so that you are ready to meet with your Client(s) to discuss your agreement (AOA) and provide an idea of your time involved of each optional Professional Service Package Bundle (per the AOA).  An indispensable tool to quickly & comprehensively estimate your project hours.  Multiple examples included.



This webpage is for the ArCHourZ™ tool.

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Are you ready to sit down and discuss your proposed agreement with your Clients for a new project?  Not until you have an understanding of the amount of time you have projected for each of the Professional Service Package Bundles indicated in the ArCH-AOA (Architect-Owner Agreement).  That can be a daunting task.  Until ArCHourZ™.  ArCHourZ™ helps you swiftly assign values to suit your practice in the right locations, then the spreadsheet automatically and instantly calculates your possible hours for each Package of Services (per the AOA).  Created to dovetail perfectly with the AOA agreement so that you can authoritatively project your time on each new project, based on YOUR assignment of what you believe to be the new project’s $/HSF (Heated Square Feet) to construct, number of HSF, your firm’s average billed rate, and your firm’s historic track record for the %s of the cost of projected construction for each portion of your firm’s work.  Once again: YOU must enter the values that you believe best represents your company’s business practices.


Several examples of various rates, %s, HSF & $/HSF are included.  NONE of them are necessarily suggested or recommended whatsoever; they are fictitious examples only and each of them is different from the others.  You and your company are solely responsible to assign values that you believe capture your company’s practice.  The first example is the “zero example,” where there are zero values for all of the items that you must enter.  There are some other example spreadsheets using different values.  As you review these examples, this should help you understand where and how to fill in values that work best for you and your firm.  Do NOT use any values provided as examples.  Use your own.  Multiple examples with different values for each line item are provided.  There are examples of possible rates and percentages, but No suggestions or requirements of any rates or percentages, all of which were developed by ArCH alone, and for the purpose of guiding you efficiently through the process of filling out this form. Numbers on the form are only a guide to help you fill out the form.  You agree that all example numbers on the form will be overwritten by your own company’s values for each.


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  1. rand

    ArCHourZ was the missing ingredient required to Close The Deal with our Clients. ArCHourZ helps us calculate our range of hours, both low and high, to give a possible historic range of time involved for each proposed service. While we don’t commit to any exact time or fee when starting a project, at least this provides a possible framework within which Clients can have an understanding of what similar project types have resulted in terms of our time. ArCHourZ performs this overall/detailed calculation instantly, after we input our historic data. Very simple and very useful.

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