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ArCHsuite™ bundles together ArCHspec™, OGCA™, AOA™, ArCHourZ™, 4in1™, CA-SV™, ArCHinvoice™, ArCH-SurveyReq™, ArCH-GeoReq™, ArCHchart™, ArCH ProjAccount™,  ArCH SubstantialComp™, ArCH FinalComp™, resulting in a powerhouse combination of coordinated forms and agreements, designed to work together for residential architecture.  Let’s say that again: the specs coordinate with the GC’s schedule of values on the 4in1 form and those also coordinate with the ArCH-AOA (Architect-Owner Agreement) and with the OGCA (Owner-General Contractor Agreement), and the ArCHinvoice is pre-coordinated with the AOA, and the project process on the ArCHchart is pre-coordinated with the process in the ArCH-AOA agreement.  This suite of products pre-coordinates nearly all of the professional forms and specifications you, as a residential Architect may be using in your practice, making your practice more integrated and coordinated.  Not available anywhere else for the residential Architect.  And: since these are either in MS Word, AutoCAD or Excel, you can modify them as you wish.


This website page is for the ArCHsuite™

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$2,265 ArCHmembers, $3,920 non-members (join ArCH and reduce your cost)
Available now.  Nearly constantly updated with new products and upgrades to others.
There are several file types.  Please see below for more information and file types and software required to open the files.
You can enter your ArCH discount coupon code in the Shopping Cart during the order process to reduce your cost (if you are an ArCHmember).  If you don’t have the coupon code for this product, click here–> ContactArCH and ask for it (you must be a member to obtain the code).

There are several files to download.  Make sure that you download them all.

All of the ArCHsuite products have been created for use on MS Windows 7, 8 or 10 PCs 64-bit, running:
AutoCAD 2013LT through 2021LT
MS Word 2013
MS Excel 2013
See each product page below for more information about system requirements for each product.  Apple-Mac computers and OS are Not recommended and have Not properly loaded or migrated the products offered herein (with a few possible exceptions, subject to some formatting issues).  We recommend that if you are Mac/Apple based that you do Not attempt to use these products, as ArCH cannot assist you in loading and migrating the files and cannot issue refunds once you have the electronic files.  Your choice to do otherwise is your decision.

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This is the COMBINED, BUNDLED PACKAGE of the following ArCHproducts:
1.  ArCHspec™ : Architectural Specifications. (this is an AutoCad DWG file).
2.  ArCH-OGCA™ : Owner General Contractor Agreement.
2.b.  ArCHlienReleaseSuite™ is included in above item (it can also be purchased separately).
3.  ArCH-AOA™ : Architect-Owner Agreement.
4.  ArCH-4in1™ : Bid form, Value Engineering form, Schedule of Values, Pay Request form).
5.  ArCH-CA-SV™ : Construction Administration Site Visit form.
6.  ArCHourZ™: Projects Hours for Projects.
7.  ArCHinvoice™: Invoice spreadsheet for Architects.
8.  ArCH-SurveyReq™: Land Survey acquisition form.
9.  ArCH-GeoReq™: Geotechnical Engineering acquisition form.
10. ArCHchart™: Project Process/Project Progress form.
11. ArCH ProjAccount™: Project Accounting: invoices–>master list.
12.  ArCH SubstantialComp™: Substantial Completion Certificate
13.  ArCH FinalComp™: Final Completion Certificate
14. Other items to be added in the future.

Prices if each product is purchased individually:
1.  ArCHspec™ :  $1,700 members ( $2,950 non-members).
2.  ArCH-OGCA™ : $115 members ($195 non-members)
2.b.  ArCHlienReleaseSuite™ $75 members ($150 non-members)
3.  ArCH-AOA™ : $95 members ($175 non-members)
4.  ArCH-4in1™ :  $75 members ($100 non-members)
5.  ArCH-CA-SV™ : $25 members ($45 non-members)
6.  ArCHourZ™: $75 members ($150 non-members)
7.  ArCHinvoice™: $75 members ($150 non-members)
8.  ArCH-SurveyReq™: $75 members, ($150 non-members)
9.  ArCH-GeoReq™: $75 members, ($150 non-members)
10. ArCHchart™: $85 members, ($175 non-members)
11. ArCH ProjAccount™: $300 members, ($500 non-members)
12.  ArCH SubstantialComp™: $25
13.  ArCH FinalComp™: $25
Total cost if purchased individually:
$2,820 members ($4,940 non-members).

Price of ArCHsuite™ will increase as additional products are added to the bundle package, however, ArCHsuite™ will always be the better value than if all products indicated were purchased separately.  You should consider joining ArCH before you buy even one product: you will have a better value from day one, and receive all the benefits of being an ArCHmember.


1.  ArCHspec™
2.  ArCH-OGCA™
2. b.  ArCH-lienReleaseSuite™
3.  ArCH-AOA™
4.  ArCH-4in1™
5.  ArCH-CA-SV™
6.  ArCHourZ™
7.  ArCHinvoice™
8.  ArCH-SurveyReq™
9.  ArCH-GeoReq™
10. ArCHchart™
11. ArCH ProjAccount™
12.  ArCH SubstantialComp™
13.  ArCH FinalComp™


ArCHsuite™ provides you all of the products listed above.  There are multiple downloads (one for each of the products contained in this bundle). These products were created to coordinate with each other.  Enjoy the big suite of ArCHproducts for your architectural practice now!


For an added $99.  You probably won’t Need this, because all ArCHproducts are so easy to use, however, if you want this additional  guidance, it’s there.  Just click here:  ArCHsuite Coaching, fill out the short form, explaining what you want and when you’d like to do the video conference session, along with your email address and click Send.  Pretty simple.  ArCH will get back to you to coordinate a live video training session.   Also include your name, your firm’s name, your phone number and email address.

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    ArCHsuite is the 900-pound gorilla at ArCH. Actually, it’s much more elegant than that, but the point is: ArCHsuite includes many other ArCHproducts for a lot less money. ArCHsuite bundles them together for a steep discount, which is much less than if you bought them separately. And all of the applications in ArCHsuite were created to work together.

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