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ArCH Blog User code of conduct: Any person registering as a contributor to this ArCH blog hereby agrees to the following:

I will not make any statements of a libelous or slanderous nature about anyone or anything.  I accept complete responsibility for any and all comments that I post onto this ArCH blog.  I hereby hold harmless the entire ArCH (Architects Creating Homes) organization for anything I type and post or copy and paste onto this website.  I agree to only post things that I own the rights to on this blog.  I agree to defend the ArCH organization from any legal or other issues from anything I post on this website. I agree to Not discuss specific architectural fee rates, fee schedules and related matters on this blog, or anywhere on the ArCH website.

I agree to treat others on this website and beyond this website, with courtesy and respect and will never call anyone names, suggest motives as to other’s behaviors or in any way act with animosity or antagonism to others.  I agree to engage in friendly dialogue and honest sharing of opinions with others.  I will not type my posts in ALL CAPS, as this is equivalent to shouting on blogs.  I agree to do unto others as I would have them do unto me.  I will HELP others on the blog, in a sincere effort to find solutions for issues about licensed architects practicing residential architecture. This blog is about matters pertaining to licensed architects practicing residential architecture.  I agree never to post advertisements about things that I am trying to sell on this ArCH blog, or to directly contact or spam any ArCH members or others using this blog, or to market or sell or give or use the contact information about any ArCH member or other ArCH blog participants to any other entity for any reason.  And: I agree to be nice.