ArCHdes 2017 Award Winners

This page represents the 2017 ArCHdes™
(Design Excellence Selection) awards.









These firms won the coveted ArCHdes™ awards in the 2017 season.


SwallowTail Architecture, Summerville, SC, USA

Coastal Island Renovation: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“A splendid combination of intimate scale and breathtaking focus on the most important design elements.” —-Jury Comment.

Sullivans’ Island Home On The Marsh: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.


Marsh Front New Home: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.

The Blue Kitchen: ArCHdes™ 2017 Special Category: Interior Architecture Award.
“This firm has the uncanny ability to weave intimately scaled swimming pools into the fabric of the homes of which they are a part.”  —Jury Comment.




Hrivnak & Associates, LTD, Chicago, IL, USA
Simons Residence: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“Mr. Hrivnak has the uncanny ability to swiftly immerse himself into any vernacular, then create a design of maturity and excellence.”—Jury Comment.










Falcon Cliff Lodge: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“Bold use of muscular timber and log features turn this into an award winning piece of architecture.” — Jury Comment.


Eagle Mountain Aerie : ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“Mighty stonework sets this bold mountain home apart in a class of its own.” — Jury Comment.


Arts & Crafts Masterpiece: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“Stong, yet graceful design of a powerful Arts & Crafts Masterpiece.” — Jury Comment.


Grand Mountain: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“Ingenious floor planning allows this bold mountain home to address 50-mile long views and bring the inside out.”— Jury Comment.





Dion Seminara Architecture, Morningside, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Old Reno: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“Astonishingly terrific details in all of DSA’s designs.”—Jury Comment.


NWHM: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“Bold design stroke with the angled columns.”—Jury Comment.


Outent: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“Striking use of a metal upper wall element that feels light and strong at the same time.”—Jury Comment.


Outext: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“Strong and confident design capabilities at work here, turning inside space outside and vice-versa.”—Jury Comment.


PkVsta: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“Capable design skills here from the Architect turn this plain house into a show piece.”— Jury Comment.


Don Duffy Architecture, Charlotte, NC, USA

Linville House : ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“A larger home given scale by the Architect’s deft hand.”— Jury Comment.


Major Alexander L. James House: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“A seamless addition that makes it hard to tell where the original was and the additions began.” — Jury Comment.


Bald Head Island House: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“Perfectly crafted vernacular NC beach house on the water.” — Jury Comment.


CMB (Colorado Custom Builders & Architects), Denver, CO, USA

Martens: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“Intimately scaled in-city Denver house with craftsman-like feel.” — Jury Comment.


Young: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“Spectacular Rock Mountain High house with amazing architectural details.” — Jury Comment.

Bergs: ArCHdes™ 2017 Special Category: Rehab/Addition Award.
Lemme: ArCHdes™ 2017 Special Category: Rehab/Addition Award.


W. Brandt Hay Architect, Celebration, FL, USA

Luxury Vacation Rental Home: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“Classy upscale rental home focused on rear swimming pool and interior with outstanding details.” — Jury Comment.


ACM Design architecture & interiors, Asheville, NC, USA

BRDY: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“Rustic elegance at its best.” — Jury Comment.


GMAN: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“Amazing, how the Architect crafted a 3-car garage into such a human-scaled cottage home.” — Jury Comment.


KLBR: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“An amazing sense of movement and spacial fluidity, tied to the choice of materials.” — Jury Comment.


TRV: ArCHdes™ 2017 Award.
“Terrific mountain house, well-suited to its terrain.” — Jury Comment.