This is a coordinated high-tech approach designed for maximum public penetration via social media sites and our ArCHorg YouTube Channel.

The Purpose:
1.  to inform the Public that Architects exist and that they are ready, willing and able to design their homes.
2.  to explain the many reasons (one by one) why anyone would want to have an architect design their home, many of which increase the Public’s Health, Safety & Welfare and provide benefits to the homeowner, including improving the resale value of their home.

ArCH YouTube Channel linked to ArCH member website posts and the ArCH website:

ArCH members will create public educational videos (which ALL ArCH members can produce, even with a smart phone) and post them on our ArCHorg YouTube channel, which we have already reserved (and onto our own ArCH Blog).  Each of us will then create posts (online informational- educational articles) for our individual websites, with links to each of these ArCHorg YouTube videos and to our related posts on our ArCH Blog.  Then, in a carefully orchestrated schedule, we will each post another comment with the link to the most recent educational video to our website posts onto Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin.  We are going to do this at least 44 times during the year, or during the next couple of years, depending on video production scheduling.


A Mile of ArCH posts:

Each time that we do this, all of our ArCH members will post their comments on the Big 3 Social Media sites.  These comments will be linked back to the post on each of our websites (and to our ArCH Blog online related articles), with the most recent ArCH public educational YouTube link on those.  If we have about 20 members by that time, that means that each time that we do this, the message will get out there 20 x 3 main social media channels = 60 times.  And if we send it again, perhaps a day later, that will be 120 times.  So: 120 x 44 = 5,280 social media comments out there, linked to our educational videos on YouTube.

Interesting that this number = a mile, in feet.  Let’s call this ArCH program: “A Mile of ArCH Posts” or something like that.  Some people, somewhere, have got to end up reading our comments on the big 3 social media sites, and watching our videos.

This is a Public Information program the likes of which have not been seen in any organization, anywhere.  Other organizations can only dream of having their membership agree to act this cohesively.  This is our greatest strength: to act in a deliberate, unified manner to accomplish our goals and to help protect the Health, Safety & Welfare of the Public.


44+ Reasons to Hire an Architect to Design your Home:

Why 44 times?  Because at present, we have at least 44 reasons for anyone to hire an architect to design their home!  Each educational video will highlight JUST ONE reason to engage an architect for your residential project.  We are going to have so much social media visible, that people, at the end of our Reasons for an Architect to Design Your Home campaign will know these things:

  1. That architects exist who will design their homes.
  2. That there are good reasons (at least 44) to hire an architect to design your home.


And all without having to pay a nickel for expensive ads in magazines, TV or anywhere else.