ArCHspec ™

Subcommittee Chairperson:
Rand Soellner, ArCH, Architect, Cashiers, NC

Subcommittee Members:
Rodney Kazenske, ArCH, Denver, CO
Craig Isaac, ArCH, Charlotte, NC

This mission has been completed.
ArCHspec is Live.
New members welcome to continue in our on-going updating.

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ArCHspec™ was created from the specifications evolved by several senior members whom have been practicing residential architecture for 25 to 48 years.  These specifications are easy to work with and are primarily on an AutoCAD file, in a Division 0 through Division 17 format.  For residential projects, the ArCH specifications are freed of the old 3-stage type of specifications, which inflates specifications into an enormous book.  We prefer to keep things as brief and to the point as possible.  Specifications at present, are in their native AutoCAD format, and can run from 5 to 13  24″x36″ drawing sheets, in 10-point arial font.  The philosophy here is that with the specs as part of the drawing set, Contractors and others aren’t likely to forget them (which can happen with a separate book).  However, every Architect is free to implement their specifications as they wish.  Some of our members are in the process of importing the ArCH specifications into Revit, for member use, when and as we can.  This is not yet available.  Copying & pasting some small sample text sections has been verified as possible into MS Word.  An ArCH member has successfully opened the ArCHspec™ file in ArchiCad and is actively using that in version 18 ArchiCad for PCs.

ArCH members are monitoring the specifications over the coming years, for periodic updates from time to time.  Looking for additional Focus Group members to establish industry relationships to help specialists in particular manufacturing businesses (such as paint and coatings) that can assist in automatically updating ArCH specifications for ArCH, as required.

This is intended to be a revenue-producing source for ArCH and to help residential Architects have more compact specifications that describe the materials and other aspects in a simple manner that allows each Architect to customize them to suit their practice.  Each user is responsible for verifying applicability and other aspects of each section.  The creation and availability of ArCHspec™ is intended as a boon for all practicing Licensed Architects who have not had a specification system to suit their residential practice until now.  Especially Architects who have not been using any specifications for their residential practices, ArCHspec™ will help them produce better project documentation for their Clients, their own liability and for the better Health, Welfare and Safety of the public at large.