ArCHceu Focus Group

Subcommittee Chairperson:
Craig Isaac, Architect, ArCH, AIA, NCARB

Subcommittee Members:
Rodney Kazenske, ArCH, NCARB
Rand Soellner, ArCH, NCARB, LHI
Don Duffy, ArCH, AIA

additional committee members are welcome

This is the page for ArCH CEUs (Continuing Education Units).

This page is in addition to the list of CEU courses available from manufacturers that is commercially available.  What is offered here is exclusive content approved, coordinated and offered through ArCH sources.

Presently, ArCH is soliciting all 50 state BOAs (Boards of Architecture) to obtain the ability to approve various CEUs oriented toward residential architecture throughout the USA.

Presently, State approvals for ArCHceu authority have been obtained from the following State Boards of Architecture:
–  North Carolina


Also, various manufacturers are being contacted to create CEU modules for ArCH members and other residential Architects for CEU credits.


1.  The main 4 rotating Licensed Architect members of the ArCHceu Focus Group each review the CEU course and evaluate if it meets what is felt passes for Health, Safety & Welfare content and any other content specialties such as Sustainability.  Also, an evaluation as to the amount of time spent per course will be evaluated, with at least 50 minutes +/- of actual time being spent to take the course to become 1 CEU Hour.

2.  Each of the members of the ArCHceu Focus Group share their evaluations with each other and a consensus is reached as to whether or not the CEU course meets the requirements for Licensed Architects in valuable HS&W content.

3.  If the consensus of the Focus Group is that the CEU course does meet the requirements and does present valuable information content for Licensed Architects, the course will be added to a list of CEU courses that ArCH will maintain on computer files.

4.  ArCH will send an email to each State BOA (Board of Architecture) informing them of new approved courses and the number of hours and type (HSW, etc.) as they occur.

5.  The main intent is for ArCHceu courses to be mainly residential architecture in focus, however, some CEU content will be applicable to architecture at large.