ArCHglobal membership

ArCHglobal membership became available September 9, 2015.  Since that time, any Architect who is licensed anywhere on the planet as an Architect of homes and buildings may join ArCH.

Subcommittee Chairperson:
Rand Soellner, Architect, ArCH, NCARB, LHI

Subcommittee Members:
Rodney Kazenske, ArCH, NCARB
Bennett Sabatier, ArCH, NCARB,
Don Duffy, ArCH, AIA

additional committee members are welcome



If you are a licensed Architect in any country, anywhere, you will need to fill out the ArCH membership application.  See the ArCH membership page for instructions.  All new members and members renewing their membership will need to provide a hotlink to the specific webpage showing their architectural registration with a legal licensing board in their country/state, on the ArCH application.  This is the method by which the ArCH membership manager will view and understand that you are licensed, which is a main requirement to becoming a member of ArCH.


ArCH is currently looking for up to 4 new ArCH ExComm members from the main continents on the planet to join with ArCH in this bold global initiative, helping to bring residential Architects together across our planet.


To see all of the Countries in the world, click on the Find An Architect hotlink.  As you scroll down that webpage, you will see the main 9 geographic regions in the USA (intended for USA ArCH ExComm members), then further down, a UN map of the world, then a line-by line listing of each country on the planet.  We look forward to having thousands of global members listed there under the various countries.