ArCHomesData ™ PROGRAM

ArCHomesData ™      PROGRAM
© Copyright 2012, ArCH : Architects Creating Homes, LLC.

Subcommittee Chairperson:
Rand Soellner, Architect, ArCH, NCARB, LHI, HOME ARCHITECTS ®, Cashiers, NC

Subcommittee Members:

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ArCH Forms for installation inside homes linked to ArCH computer server database of home projects.

Also, Commemorative Plaques for installation on homes, linked to ArCH computer server database of home projects, with an inscribed URL address linking to each specific project’s data record on the ArCH website.

Purpose: to integrate licensed architects’ projects in a nationwide database, to assist Architects, homeowners, Contractors, the public, building departments and future owners to understand information about each project for renovations, archival purposes, maintenance, repairs and location.   There could be a nominal fee to register this information, which serves to provide income to the ArCH organization and help pay for computer hosting services and website programming.  The plaque would be a for-profit effort, through a 3rd party manufacturer, probably made of recycled bronze, and drop-shipped to the person ordering, with the order coming through ArCH.  The interior information form would be automatically e-mailed to each person placing the order with ArCH, as a PDF: each architect, contractor, homeowner or other entity would then each print that information out on an adhesive-backed piece of paper to then apply in each house on electrical panel faces, inside a kitchen cabinet and other locations, with a bold note to Not Remove.  These paper adhesive information forms could also have a QR code that any smart phone could scan, allowing people in the field to call up each house’s database record on the ArCH website.