Certified Residential Architect ™ Focus Team System (CRAfts)

The Certified Residential Architect ™ Program is a trademarked/servicemarked program, owned and operated by ArCH: Architects Creating Homes.  This is the Focus Team page on this effort.  If you are looking for the actual CRAfts page involving the Certified Residential Architect system click here to go there: CRAfts™.

Subcommittee Chairperson: Rand Soellner, ArCH, NCARB

Subcommittee Members:
Rodney Kazenske, ArCH, NCARB
Craig Isaac, ArCH, AIA, NCARB

additional subcommittee members are welcome


ArCH will implement a course of study and testing to verify the proper knowledge base for applicants.  These will hopefully be CEUs recognized by all states in the USA for BOAs (Boards of Architecture) approval for CEUs.  It is intended that this course of CEU educational module study parallel Division 0 through Division 17 of the ArCHspec.  The knowledge imparted is intended to be focused primarily upon residential architectural items, although some areas of study will be applicable to all architecture (like sealants).

Division 0 is intended as a wild card for Design aspects, Contracts, and other information deemed appropriate for the CRAfts program.

It was originally hoped that manufacturer programs could be used for some or most of these educational CEUs, but it may be that the ArCH membership will need to create much of this content, as it is highly specific to what we all do as residential licensed Architects.

Update: on 4/19/2017, ArCH provided a 2nd method to becoming Certification as a Residential Architect: by earning 10 ArCHdes™ awards, through the ArCHdes™ yearly awards program (see ArCHdes™). To this end, the ArCHdes™ rules were slightly modified, from allowing 4 project design entry submittals a year to instead allowing up to 5.  In this manner, an Architect who submits 5 winning projects a year to the ArCHdes™ program could potentially be eligible to apply for the CRAfts certification in only 2 years, with no other courses of study.  The rationale: if a Licensed Architect (who is a member of ArCH in good standing) is capable of creating 10 award-winning projects, then they have proven themselves to be worthy of the CRAfts certification.