Membership Renewal Application

Each year, each ArCHmember will need to fill out the WuFoo ArCHmember Renewal Application and electronically send that to ArCH’s Membership Manager for review, along with their renewal fee, on the ArCHinvoice that we all receive from the ArCH Membership Manager.

One important piece of information on the ArCHmember Renewal Application is that you indicate just one state (or country) where you are presently licensed as an Architect, along with your license number, along with a hotlink calling up your specific architectural license record at that legal licensing entity’s website.  If you no longer have a license to practice architecture, then sadly, you can no longer be a member.  Please be sure to indicate the name of the State (or country) (spell it out, please) and your license number as an Architect there.  Thank you for your assistance.

Click on the link below:
Arch Renewal Application