ArCHsponsorship Level 4


ArCHsponsorship Level 4 is a $15,000 per year financial sponsorship of the ArCH: Architects Creating Homes organization.  This is an intermediate level sponsorship.  See below for features it provides you/your company.


ArCHsponsorship Level 4 is a $15,000 per year financial sponsorship of the ArCH: Architects Creating Homes organization.

This is one of the Intermediate Levels of Sponsorship.  It includes the following:

——————————————————————————————–Level 1:

  • Listing on ArCH’s Sponsorship webpage, with one link back to your company website.
  • Includes up to 2 lines of description (which you compose) about what your company does and the benefits provided to residential Architects and/or their Clients when your company’s products are used on a project.
  • Posting of your company logo on the Sponsorship ArCHwebpage.

——————————————————————————————–Level 2:

  • Your company is allowed to make a single monthly post on the ArCHblog, which is subscribed to by ArCHmembers and others, globally. Your subject must describe how your product(s) help Architects design and build projects that IMPROVE RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTURE (ArCH’s motto), not merely say: “buy our stuff.” These monthly posts may be no longer than 500 words and contain no more than 3 jpg images, each no larger than 250k (1/4 of a MB).  Your staff will need to be fluent in Word Press, which is the software of the ArCHwebsite.  You will be given “Contributor” status on the ArCHblog.  Privileges can be held back or revoked if the above policies are not adhered to, so please develop each of your posts with care to be of value to our membership and the profession as well as your own company.

—————————————————————————————–Level 3:

  • Your own webpage on the ArCHwebsite, which may be up to 3 pages long, when you scroll down, and contain up to 6 jpg images, each no more than 250k (1/4 of a MB) and up to 3 links to various pages on your company website.  Information on your ArCHwebpage must not only promote your company and its products; it must also explain why and how your company and its products help to Improve Residential Architecture.

—————————————————————————————–Level 4:

  • Your company website at this level, is allowed and required to contain at least one ArCH logo image, indicating that you are a proud sponsor of ArCH: Architects Creating Homes, with a link back to the ArCH homepage, accessed from your company website by clicking the ArCH logo on your company website.


See other Sponsorship Levels for other features available. Each higher number level provides more features and more exposure for your organization.


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