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SubstantialComp™ stands for SUBSTANTIAL COMPLETION CERTIFICATE.  This is a MS Excel spreadsheet template.  Simple and easy to use (no complicated software fighting you like with some other organization’s applications).
When a residential project is nearing the end, this form becomes very important: it indicates that you as the Architect, the Contractor and Owner all agree that the project is usable for the purpose for which it was intended and that the Owner may be taking partial occupancy (optional choices for any type of Owner use).  This is the date that the Contractor’s main umbrella warranty begins and also most of the other product warrantees, so this is important to document.  There are also other important notifications involved.  Don’t close out your project without it.


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New! Now available.
This is the SUBSTANTIAL COMPLETION CERTIFICATE for residential architecture projects offered by ArCH.

This is a MS Office Excel 2013 file template for the PC running W7-W10 OS on a 64-bit computer.
You may or may not be able to import this file into your computer if you are running software and hardware different than indicated above, however ArCH only indicates proper functioning of the file in its native software & hardware stipulated above.

Apple-Mac computers and OS are Not recommended and have Not properly loaded or migrated the products offered herein (with a few possible exceptions, subject to some formatting issues).  We recommend that if you are Mac/Apple based that you do Not attempt to use these products, as ArCH cannot assist you in loading and migrating the files and cannot issue refunds once you have the electronic files.  Your choice to do otherwise is your decision.

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If you are a Licensed Architect, managing Construction Administration for your Client projects, you will very likely need a Substantial Completion Certificate.  Instead of buying this type of form from other organizations where you have to pay more than ArCH’s price for each and every use of the form, ArCH’s price provides you with a license to use the form for as long and as many times as you wish, for less that the price of just one form from other organizations.  What a great deal!  About time!

The ArCH SubstantialComp™ form prints out as a single page.  It’s a MS Excel template, so if you know how to use a spreadsheet, you already know how to use 90% of the form’s features.  What could be simpler?



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  1. rand

    Great product! Simple to use and very economical. Lifelong license with one, single purchase. If you aren’t using this, your projects probably are missing a vital step which could become problematic if not documented.

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