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This is in response to the nearly total absence of architects’ presence on Television today.  Instead of watching as our occupation is erased from the Public’s eyes and forebrains, the concept is to have a show or shows weekly, on TV, perhaps the Discovery Channel or DIY network or HGTV, featuring a licensed architect in each show that “saves the day.”  Possibly some sort of “House Impossible” approach, or even something not so melodramatic, that shows a family in need of a new home or renovation and observe them hiring (and paying) an architect to program and design their new home, produce Construction Documents, bid it out (so that the Public understand that this service alone can save them tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, More than paying for the architect’s total services), and then administer construction.  All with a happy and satisfactory result: the family got the house they wanted for a reasonable value.  Perhaps parallel the successful architect-led approach with a DIY approach that ends in disaster.
Message: engage an Architect to design your home project.
This kind of program involves significantly cost and expertise to produce beyond the ArCH organization.  This idea would need to be marketed to an TV production channel or entity that sees value in it and market share of public viewers.  ArCH will not likely ever to be funding such a venture.  At least not in its infancy.