First Blog Post for ArCH

Hello ArCH Folks,

ArCH = Architects Creating Homes

I am Rand Soellner, Licensed Architect, ArCH/NCARB/LHI. I am a member of ArCH.

I have been a member of other architectural organizations and felt that something was missing.  There was a lack of cohesive vision and virtually zero funding and no consensus as to what any of us should do to improve the practice of residential architecture.  Bickering was rampant and there did not seem to be a solid plan or direction in place to improve the situation.

So, I got the idea of establishing a new organization for licensed architects who practice residential architecture and was joined by several other licensed architects with similar visions, within just a few days: Edward Shannon, Licensed Architect, ArCH/NCARB and Perry Cofield, Licensed Architect, ArCH/NCARB. This was during the summer of 2012.  Then several months went by.

Then, in October and November 2012, we decided it was high time for us to increase our membership and get things going for our proposed organization.  Over about two months or so, our membership grew from 3 to around 14.  That’s about where we are now.  And we seem to keep finding others that share the vision of licensed architects banding together to thrive and improved the quality and practice of residential architecture.  However, we have had to keep finding others.

Until now.  Now, we have this website.  It will broadcast our unified Voice of Licensed Architects who practice residential architecture.  There is no other organization on the planet that exclusively represents the interests and goals of this unique professional niche.  It is baffling why we have had to create this organization.  One would logically think that the one place where all of humanity lives: in their home, would have been better serviced by now, by a professional entity.  And of all the places humanity calls home, the most beloved of these is a Single Family Residence (SFR), in a detached configuration.  Although ArCH members design all versions of homes, and some create high-rises and other types, the situation that most of humanity desires for their home is the SFR.  That is the main focus of many of our practices in ArCH.

We are just beginning.  We have much to do to organize ourselves and what we are doing for the public and for our own companies.  The better we all do as architects and business people, the better we will be able to serve the public.  We all took the sacred vow to PROTECT THE HEALTH, SAFETY & WELFARE OF THE PUBLIC, and that guides much of what we do and propose.

One of our efforts will be to have Public Awareness programs that:
1.  make the public aware that licensed architects are ready, willing & available to design their homes.
2.  that there are good reasons why anyone would want to have an architect design their home.

And there will be much more.  I can’t tell you how delighted I am to see our website created and to consecrate the holy ground of our blog with the first post.  I hope that there will be tens of thousands to follow, over the years.  Enjoy!