Several ArCH members (Don Duffy, Jorge Arcay and others) have suggested having videos of architects and possibly people appearing as their clients (or real clients), in simple videos to make the point: not having an architect to design and/or provide Bidding Services and Construction Administration can have very bad results for the homeowner.
MESSAGE IN ALL: Hire an architect to help you have a better result, save money and have higher quality and protect you from fraudulent situations.   Bid Evaluation Video 1:
Don Duffy suggested a video wherein the camera was “looking over the shoulder” of an architect, who was evaluating contractor’s construction bids on a project for a homeowner and having the architect explain the differences in prices and what each contractor was offering, to help the clients understand what the quality and price differences meant in the various bid proposals.  Rand Soellner suggested having someone in the video, sitting at the table with the architect, to play the role of the client(s), who ask questions, bewildered at the different terminology in the bids and what those meant.  The architect calmly explains everything so that the clients understand what they will receive from the different proposals.

In an alternate scenario, this video concept could also be comparing two different scenarios:   Bid Evaluation Video 2:

A.)  Clients sitting at their kitchen table, baffled by the bids they have received from the various contractors, trying to understand what they are trying to evaluate on their own because they decided Not to have their architect assist them with Construction Administration.
B.)  Architect at a conference table with his clients and the architect calmly explaining that because of the way he or she has organized the bid documents for the project, all the contractors are bidding on exactly the same thing: what the Architect designed and specified in his/her Base Bid Package and the Options list.

MESSAGE: have an architect design your project so that you have your bid process organized and on a level playing field, comparing apples to apples, so that you can evaluate on the basis of price and contractor track record.


Several ArCH member have suggested that having videos with voice commentary about the sins of builders building homes without the benefit of an Architect’s design or the Architect’s optional Construction Administration can have horrific results.  Video: Home Near Washington, D.C. designed and built without an architect.

Jorge Arcay will be making this video.  It has a multitude of design and built errors, ignorance and other situations to make anyone watching it never want to be in the shoes of the people who did Not use an architect.

MESSAGE: hire an architect to design your project and to provide Construction Administration to avoid such wasted investment and have a happier, healthier and more functional and durable home.