Whether this would be serialized on YouTube installments or sold to a network, like HGTV or the DIY networks is not known at this time.

The idea: for a new architect each week, to “save the day” of a “House Impossible” or similar such situation, that illustrates the problem solving skills, creativity and value-added benefits of each architect, for each different project in a different location for each week’s show.

MESSAGE: “Hey, I want that! I want our house to be the best it can be!  Let’s hire an architect to design our project!”

Some episodes might focus on residential renovations, others could educate the public on the process that architects go through when designing and developing a house design, including an accelerated construction duration (possibly even parts on a camera stop action vantage point, showing the house take shape in mere minutes).  The construction portion could show how the architect helps solve real problems that provides a better, stronger, safer, more durable, more energy efficient, more environmental and more economical house project for the owners, that adds value.


At the end of each show, a licensed real estate broker could be brought into the home to prepare a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) illustrating how each home designed by an architect is worth more than other non-architect designed homes in the area.  Message: “Architects add value to your house: hire one to design yours.”

Also, a licensed mechanical engineer can be brought in to the home to conduct an energy audit on an iPad and then reveal that due to the energy conservation features designed and specified into the home by the architect, that this home will be consuming about 1/2 to 1/3 of the energy consumed by other homes in the area, resulting in utility bills that save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year for the homeowners.  Message: “Architects add value to your house by including energy- efficient features, resulting in improved comfort, convenience and lower utility bills.”

This Reality TV show, while intriguing, would require outside funding at this time and a great deal of time on the part of the producers and onscreen talent.  If any ArCH members have contacts with a TV studio interested that would consider funding this project, please let us know (