Motivation for an Architect

Motivation is an important part of any Architect’s psyche.  We all have daunting tasks before us, especially after we get the job (obtain a new project).

When the euphoria of business success wanes, we then are faced with the task of actually programming, designing, developing and detailing the project.

This can seem overwhelming.  However:
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
—-by the Chinese philosopher Lao (c 604 bc – c 531 bc) in the Tao Te Ching, Chap. 64.

Which of course means: that even the longest and most difficult of tasks has a simple and humble starting point.  For Architects, that may be turning on your computer, booting up your CAD or 3D software and setting up the the computerized files and blanks sheets for the project, then making an appointment with the Client to take Programming notes and see their land.  Then, one things leads to another.

When we, as Architects, find ourselves in Construction Drawings and are faced with creating all the detail necessary to properly explain and specify the project to Contractors, my technique has always been to at least do one thing; anything, that advances the project forward, before leaving my chair.  Draw one line.  Install one dimension, copy one detail.  Edit a paragraph of specifications.  Anything that gets the project further along than when you sat down to work on it.  You will find that your natural ability and curiosity will take that one thing and it will lead you to other details, specifications and dimensions. You will end up doing much more than the single thing you were thinking of.  And when you finally leave your work station, you will have accomplished more than you anticipated.

And then you will have moments of sheer inspiration that bless your work, during which hours can pass and you are so engrossed with designing or developing the work that you will see the sun going down and think: “Hey, I just sat down this morning, how did it get to be so late?”  Your motivation will be supplied by your own internal abilities, once you get started.

The main point is: BEGIN.  Each day.  That’s what our Oriental fried was encouraging us to do more than 2,500 years ago.  And your experience, creativity and work ethic will take over and help you advance the project.

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