ArCH 2016 Agenda

Hello ArCHmembers; welcome to the new year 2016.  Your ArCH ExComm has established the 2016 ArCH agenda:

2016-10.  ArCHdes™ design awards program
(all is ready and waiting for the “trigger” to be pulled on 22,000+ licensed Architects to receive the ArCHdes notice via email blast.
There are mixed opinions as to whether or not this will stimulate growth exponentially, or it will be ignored.  Time will tell.  ArCHdes™ is the Only design awards program on Earth in which licensed Architects who design homes can expect to be recognized with an award for houses that look like homes (even though avant-garde designs will also be recognized).
2016-15.  ArCHmms (Membership Management Software) creation and implementation through consultants.  Current consultant approach is to create new HTML custom membership applications (for both initial applications and membership renewals (in lieu of WuFoo), that would allow automatic population of the ArCHmembership spreadsheet roster/record of members. ArCHmemershipRoster would then exist on our hosted server. Also: concept is to link PayPal/WooCommerce records to this spreadsheet though custom software on the ArCHwebsite by our website consultants. They believe this is the most economical and straightforward approach to give us the automation we need at this point.
2016-20. ArCH eMagazine (possibilities being considered).
2016-30. Possible part-time help. Could become full-time if many new members join due to the 20k email blast list for ArCHdes™.
2016-40. Manufacturers putting products on ArCHwebsite. Fees?
2016-50. More reciprocal ads on other websites. Barter system.

2016-60. Need ArCH magazine article (not an interview) that indicates that we exist (that is key to Wikipedia).
2016-70. ArCHcrafts (2017)
2016-80. Global outreach: ask e-marketing consultant for email list that contains all architects on the planet.
2016-90. ArCH-eCon?
2016-100. Annual ArCH-e-con? With e-presentations. Break into groups online. Some canned webinars with manufacturers.

2016-110. How to do the above electronics: ask our website consultants.
2016-120. ArCHmembers-putting projects on the menu on some kind of presentation board.
2016-130. Ask the Architect™ webpage/section. With ArCHmembers volunteering.
2016-140. “How to read architectural plans”ongoing article on the ArCH website for comments by ArCHmembers for public consumption.
2016-150. ArCHceu program continuation.—need more ArCHmember help. Need to get this going nationwide in the other 49 states.
2016-160. possible new ArCHvideo?

Also open to additional suggestions by members, however, there is only so much time in a year.  We have taken on and accomplished an amazing amount of organizational efforts in ArCH’s short lifespan and we look forward to continued, long-term healthy growth.

Your ArCH ExComm.

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