ArCH Member, Perry Cofield & Job Corps

Friend, co-founder of ArCH, and licensed architect Perry Cofield has recently been working with Job Corps across the USA.  He evaluates existing Job Corps facilities along with a team of engineers and inputs that information into the Job Corps facilities software, to help them assess conditions and evaluate future improvements.

Perry explained that the Job Corps was established by Sargent Shriver.  His son, Mark Shriver, congratulated recent Job Corps graduates on August 24, 2012 in Washington, D.C. on National Job Corp Commencement Day.  The program acquired portions of old military bases, unoccupied seminaries and other facilities decades ago, in the Lyndon Johnson era.  The purpose is to house vocational students in dormitories and have classrooms and cafeterias and other facilities available to help train America’s youth to become what they want to be, in a vocational context.

For more information on the US Department of Labor’s Job Corps, see:
US Job Corps

Congratulations on your good work there, Perry!  America thanks you!

Just one more example of the kind of professionals we have among our ArCH membership.

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