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Re: ArCH Motto

Don Duffy has suggested this as the ArCH Motto:

It’s not just a house; it’s your Home.

I happen to like that one a lot.

And it may be that this works just fine for us.  It might be nice to have a motto that included something about using an Architect, however.  So if you clever architects can think of a catch-phrase motto for us that rivals Don’s please share that with us.

I am also posting this on our blog, in hopes that we can migrate from these group e-mails to our Blog.  Thanks.


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One thought on “ArCH Motto

  1. Don also had another one:
    Architecture : worth inheriting.

    Again, not bad, and this one involves the word “Architecture.” If we can get one including the word “Architect” and something about him/her designing the house and doing that in a catchy, simple phrase, that would be nice.

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