ArCHdes Yearly ArCH Design Awards Program

The ArCHdes yearly design awards program is almost ready to launch.  As a matter of fact, many aspects of it are already in place.  Check out these locations for detailed information:

1. ArCHdes Design Excellence Selection awards program page

2.  ArCHdes Design Award Entry Fee product page

3.  This post on the ArCHblog.

After years of discussion and several evolutions of the ArCHdes focus group committee, finally the ArCHdes program has established its first Awards event:

All entries are due by March 9, 2016 3PM.

Oh no!  How to get all those materials printed and FedExed to the jury hotel conference suite?   NOT.
This is the world’s first all-electronic architectural design awards program.  No driving, no printing, no hotels, no “boss” chairman of the jury wielding too much weight in the selection of worthy projects.  And no high costs to enter.  The purpose is to celebrate deserving Architects and their noteworthy projects.  And along the way, perhaps obtain several hundred additional ArCHmembers, as you must be an ArCHmember to enter the awards program.

Please see the above links for more information.  This is an exciting time for ArCH!




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