ArCH’s Progress 1st Qtr 2014

ArCH: Architects Creating Homes is on-track and accomplishing goals during the first quarter of 2014.  the ArCH website menu is growing, reflecting this.  For instance, there is now a crystal clear ArCH Mission Statement, on a very short webpage here:

ArCH Mission Statement

just click on the above to see the ArCH Mission Statement.  The reason the ArCH Executive Committee felt that the Mission Statement deserved its own page on the ArCH website is that it appears to us that many larger organizations seem to have lost their mission statement in the complexity of their evolution.  We wanted ArCH’s mission to remain clear and obvious now, and through the future, hence its own simple page.

Also, your ArCH Executive Committee has reached a major milestone: the establishment of the CERTIFIED RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECT sm  focus team system (CRAft).
This does not exist anywhere else on the planet.  ArCH owns and operates this program.  However, much work remains to be accomplished to get this program running and offering educational modules to candidates wishing to obtain their certification.  Please contact Rand Soellner ( if you’d like to be in charge of several modules.  The hope is that:
1.  The Certified Residential Architect focus team system will become the gold standard for all licensed Architects proving their worthiness to design homes.
2.  That all unlicensed “designers” will be viewed as something other than a licensed Architect, because they can never obtain the status of a “Certified Residential Architect” until they too become a real, licensed Architect.  This is something that has been eroding the practice of residential architecture for decades and this program seeks to further point out the differences between “the real McCoy” and posers.  George Costanza: find another profession in which to be a fake, because, you’ll never obtain this certification.
3.  That the educational modules offered in this program will provide useful knowledge that help all practicing Architects to better design, detail and specify residential architecture.
4.  Craig Isaac, ArCH has contacted Cox Lumber, residential elevator manufacturers and others, and is being successful in finding material and system vendors who are also willing to provide learning modules for the ArCH CRA focus team system (ArCH CRAft) .

Well, that’s probably enough updating for now.  More in the coming days and weeks.  Feel free to comment on this and other posts, ArCH members.


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