About Craig Isaac

Raised in Montreal, Quebec before going to UNCC for BA in Architecture '83. Remained in Charlotte, NC and worked w/ Herman Miller Dealer, then local Architects until I started out on my own in 1990.

By-Laws Committee

An update on this week’s Skype meeting.
Rand, Ed and myself put another 1 1/2 towards hammering out our By-Laws.
We are hoping for a good rough draft in a couple of weeks.
We are still looking for more involvement from our members with updating their “free” wed page and to start using the Blog regularly.

CAD software

OK-since I am still using lt ’98 and looked into Acad 2011 Lt and found that I cannot activate it. I have Draftsight which is a free CAD that looks like 2010, does not seem to be very quick.
Does anyone know anything about Revit lt? Colleagues are telling me to switch, but not sure the difference in the full veresion and lt. I am thinking I need to break down and get AutoCad 2013 lt, but wonder if I should try the big jump.