Become an Award Winning Architect

Become an award winning Architect.
It’s surprisingly easy.  And economical.

The answer?  ArCHdes™, the Design Excellence Selection program at ArCH: Architects Creating Homes.

And at only $49 per project entered, what a value!
You must be a member of ArCH to enter.  However, at only $159/year membership dues, ArCH is the leading value in architectural organizations on the planet.  Need reasons to join ArCH?  Click here: Reasons to join ArCH.

If your firm is new, or if you’ve never won a design award before, or if your company needs to distinguish itself with an award for its designs, or if it hasn’t won an award for a while, then ArCHdes™ may be the awards program for you.  ArCHdes™ is focused on design awards for residential architecture.  ArCH (Architects Creating Homes) is the organization behind it.
ArCH is the global unified voice of Licensed Architects who design homes on Earth.

Check it out: ArCHdes™

If you know you are designing high-quality residential projects, why not become an award winning Architect?  Let the rest of the world know how good you are.  Document it with an award.  But you can’t win an award if you don’t at least try, by entering ArCHdes™.
Deadline for entry fees: 2/29/2016.
Deadline for entry submittals: 3/9/2016 3PM EDT (NYC time).

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