Coordinated Suite of ArCH Forms & Specs


ArCH has been gradually working away, for years, decades actually, to finally arrive at this historic milestone achievement.



ArCH now has, for the first time anywhere on the planet, created a comprehensive suite of forms, agreements & specifications tailor-made for residential architectural practice.  Other entities that feature giant commercial project forms and specs for national museums, hospitals and the like won’t work for Architects designing homes.  All residential Architects know this.

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Which is part of the reason ArCH was formed: to have an association of like-minded residential Architects and their consultants, focused on IMPROVING RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECTURE.  This single-minded purpose has resulted in the never-before realization of a suite of dream products for residential Architects:

ArCHspec™ (Architectural Residential Specifications)
ArCH-AOA™ (Architect-Owner Agreement)
ArCH-OGCA™ (Owner-General Contractor Agreement)
ArCH-4 in 1™ (Bid form, Value Engineering form, Schedule of Values form, Pay Request form)
ArCH-CA-SV™ : Construction Administration Site Visit form.

And more are on the way: ArCH is presently creating forms for Surveying services for homes, Geotechnical services for residential use, and others.

Now for the best part: ALL OF THESE FORMS AND SPECIFICATIONS ARE COORDINATED WITH EACH OTHER.  For instance: the 4 in 1 form has many of the specification sections (or groups of them) in its SoV (Schedule of Values).  Now that’s integration!  Solid coordination between forms and specifications and your practice.

And the AOA is coordinated with the OGCA, so that dispute resolution paragraphs dovetail perfectly with each other, along with many other aspects, such as CA services, the Pay Request process and much more.  Ever had agreements that collided?  That shouldn’t happen with the ArCHforms.  Created to work together.  And they all coordinate with ArCHspec™.

All of the latest best practices are included, with URL links to electronic bid forms to help further control & simplify your bidding management.  Never before has there been such an integrated suite of specifications and CA (Construction Administration) forms, to assist the production of CDs (Construction Documents), Bidding, and management of the entire process.

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