Ding Dong the Germ is Dead

Well, perhaps not dead, but rendered less likely to invade us.  If you’ve had your vaccine shot(s) for the Covid 19 virus, the CDC indicates that you are about 90% protected from contracting the disease.  Many businesses have removed the mask and gloves/sanitizer requirements and it feels like we can once again resume life and enjoy being human again.

Does this mean that you cannot get CV19?  No, it does not.  Be careful.  Be prudent.  Be wise.  Be clean.  Avoid situations where you come into contact with questionable people/sources of possible infection.  Shaking hands is a social mannerism that may possibly no longer be continued.  Probably a good idea.

But at last, it appears that most of us can resume our daily lives.


ArCH wishes all Residential Architects everywhere a healthy, happy and prosperous life.

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