Many New ArCH Members

ArCH has had quite a few new members in just the last couple of months alone. Many of them are from California & Colorado. Something has happened that seems to have triggered a realization that ArCH exists and is the only independent professional organization that exclusively represents the goals, needs and practices of Licensed Architects that focus on residential architecture.

ArCH is seeing a renewed interest in licensed Architects who want to be part of an organization that doesn’t water down their goals and use of fees/dues on unlicensed people trying to compete against them. 100% of ArCH fees go to help promote the agendas of licensed Architects that design homes, and to explain to the public why licensed Architects have more formal education in architectural colleges, more training, experience and legal licensure to get the job done right. No other organization in the United State can honestly make that claim.

Be part of the future of residential architecture. Join ArCH (if you are an Architect licensed in at least one state in the USA).

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